· Mar 17, 2023

How can you test access to IRIS running on 1972 from Linux?

We're looking to create a quick and simple test to see if all firewalls are open on 1972 between a linux based web server VM and a VM running InterSystems IRIS.  Does anyone have any ideas for a quick command that can be run from UNIX console that will provide confirmation that traffic is able to get to 1972 on an IRIS machine?

BTW - I don't think it makes any difference but the IRIS machine is running Windows

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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For those that use Interoperability/HealthConnect, nc/netcat is also an excellent tool for verifying that remote ports are accessible for HL7 MLLP, HTTP or other protocols that require a TCP socket client connection.

And while this thread is specifically for Unix/Linux, there's a Windows PowerShell analogue named Test-NetConnection (alias tnc) that provides a subset of nc's features.

One option would just be a straight telnet session (swap with the IP address of your system):

telnet 1972

If the port is closed, you should get the error: "telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused" - but if successful you should get the "Connected to" you'll know it's open. To exit, type <CTRL>] for a telnet prompt, then type 'quit'.

Hope this helps!

as an alternative you could use to standard traceroute 

 traceroute -n -T -m 5 -q 1 -p 80 hostname.local

-p portnumber

-T use TCP syn for connects

-m max TTL to test

If it succeeds it will return all IPs if the IP is not reachable it will only report *.
If the port is blocked it will return somethink like

 1  0.411 ms !X

Where !X means admin prohibited.