Congrats!!!  Well deserved:)  Thank you all for your contributions!! 

Thank you for publishing!!

I am curious ... did you start with one of the existing open source Git hooks for ObjectScript or did you start from scratch with this project?

Great article @John Murray!  We automatically set this global in our environment configuration logic (as well as set notify the user as to the application and environment type in ZWELCOME) whenever we run our customized instance configuration script.  Very helpful to make the intention of the environment clear whenever you are in the SMP!

Are you asking how to check a global to see if the system is Dev/Test/Production as per the "System Mode" dropdown in the "Memory and Startup" page in the SMP?


If so, then this is stored in the following global:


It should have values like "DEVELOPMENT", "TEST" and "LIVE"

very nice ... this definitely fills a practical need!!!