Thanks for your feedback!

In general, Developer Download always makes available the latest GA version of our two Community Edition products.  In this case we wanted to be able to launch by Global Summit and so we went with the Preview since 2019.1.1 kits were not full GA yet.  There are ongoing discussions about the pros/cons of making containers available here rather than people just fetching them directly from Docker.  We'll let you know the final decision!

Excellent enhancements!  Much needed and will be widely used I am sure :)

Thank you Stefan!

For anyone currently at Global Summit 2019, @Amir Samary  will be demonstrating the new Evaluation Service TODAY at from 1:30-2:15 in the Tech Exchange, table 3.  Come and check it out and give us your feedback!


Ben Spead

Manager, Application Services, InterSystems

Support should indeed help you out.  

What exactly are you trying to do?  Are you already running an InterSystems IRIS server at your organization and you just want to install Studio to connect to it?  Or are you looking to install a local evaluation copy of the data platform as well as the IDE?

could you please give a little more of a description as to what you are hoping to accomplish?  A JS file will be executed on the client, where-as "Caché Code" (by this I assume you mean Object Script?) is executed on the server.

You can edit JS files using Studio, you can create object script class projections to automatically create JS files with JS logic in it, you can send JS from a server process to the web browser, etc - there are may ways for Caché Code to interact with, inform or manipulate JS files.  We need more details for what you want to do.