hope that people can prioritize being there ... it is always an amazing time!!!

@Ephraim Malane - without having the actual CCR IDs, most likely the case is that your CCR deployed through TEST added a file, and CCR will automatically detect if the CCR that added a file is not yet in the target environment and therefore will prevent other CCRs from 'leap-frogging' past it.  This is because if you leap past a CCR which originally adds a file, if you later need to back out the CCR it will result in a 'delete' of the file from all environments (because you're undoing an 'add').  

Probably the best bet for you is to reach out to Support so they can help you manually move the 'add' into the CCR that you want to move forward.  You will probably also need help cleaning up the CCR that you cancelled, as I am guessing that the backout failed due to edits already being promoted to TEST on top of the 'add' that you are trying to back out from there.

nice screen capture - a picture is worth 1000 words, but an animated GIF is worth 10,000 :)