I've written a stored procedure for SQL as follows. The second parameter is a search path that may use a single quote or bracket as part of its expression.

When the expression uses a single quote, I can double it within SQL, and it works well. In this example, 'testDate' is written as ' ' testDate ' ' .

Select HISOL_MEAS.SQLProc_JSONpath(fullAnnotation,'HbA1cTests.sort(''testDate'',false).resultValue') As reverseSortedTests

In the next example I'd like to use brackets (see below), which causes an error.

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Does the Version of the Web Gateway have to match the version of IRIS that is currently running? Or are they independent of each other since they are different components? I am looking to install the Web Gateway (non-PWS) as we move forward with securing our Management Portal and VS Code connections using TLS.



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This is probably not the right place, but I don't know who I can reach out to... I am trying to configure an Apache/Web Gateway to our instance of IRIS so we are no longer using the built-in PWS. Can anyone point me in the right direction to configure Apache/Web Gateway to repoint

http://<server name>:52773/... to the https://<server name>/...

gateway so our users will not notice? How do I do this in Apache, do I need to modify httpd.conf or the ssl.conf file? What is the correct syntax...

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An exception occurs randomly.
I expect the value of ^TEST to be 20, but it's not.
Did i miss something like closing, flush the stream or locking the global?




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We are running Batch job in scheduled task and the messages are picking in single session and it is not easy to trace the record.

I used the Set ..%SessionId= "" at before sending the message to BP but I see the session Id is '1' created for each message.

Is there anyother way to create new session for each message sending to BP?


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Hi Friends,

We have a requirement to read pdf text in ensemble object script code. As object script doesn't have direct solution , i tried to implement python code , but

iris 2020 , there is no support for python in object script.

so I have found one java utill using pdfbox api.

Now I have created jar and want to register into iris and want to make a call to mymethod to read pdf text.

please help me to way forward to achieve it.

java code:


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· Oct 20
Installation User

Will it hurt anything if I disable the user that installed IRIS, within IRIS? Does this cause a problem with background processes running or with the restart? I know the _Ensemble user is used to start/stop/restart objects within IRIS, just didn't see anything in the documentation about the user that installed IRIS.



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MIRROR is the best solution for almost immediate replications to a Failover Server.
The related mechanics are based on Global Journaling.

Globals hold Data and Classes and Routines and more ...
If Mirroring is in place all is in sync. With minimum delays
This is of course rather useful for code changes in Classes, Routines, ....

To what extent is Embedded Python covered by Mirroring?
What is required to Synchronize EmbeddedPython like Mirroring.

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With ECP we have the option to have a collection of Frontend instances
All Frontend servers typically have a common Master in the background
Concentrating data on the Master server is the primary goal.

As a side effect, this applies also to Classes, Routines, .. anything stored in Globals.
This is probably not the most efficient setup. But rather common anyhow.

Is embedded Python code also stored in Globals?

What is the recommended solution for a similar installation?

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Hi Friends ,

We have a use case to search a given word in pdf and based on the result i need to send pdf to particular outbound system.

Here we used to do with some java library help in oracle soa integrations , now we are migrating oracle soa to intersystems .

Please help me if we have any library available in objectscript cahe.



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I'm using a customised IRIS Community Edition Docker Container: Node.js has been added and the Native API for Node.js directory moved to a node_modules folder in /home/irisowner. I've changed the _SYSTEM password using the Management Portal (which connects to IRIS just fine)

If I shell into the running container and try to connect with a JS script file containing this:

const IRISNative = require('intersystems-iris-native');

let connectionInfo = {

host: 'localhost',

port: 1972,

ns: 'USER',

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Is there any solution to how to purge the usage of the connection in Community Edition?

I have a working portal, where can't do even any simple SQL Query

Why? Because somehow I've exceeded a license limit (pardon, connection limit, when it comes to Community Editon)

So, this page shows, 8 users ate all connections

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I recently started work on trying to Tighten Security in our Development Instance of IRIS that is running based on recommendations from our Audit as you might of seen from my other posts. I am currently trying to get into the Private Web Gateway Manager within IRIS as CSPSystem, but when I attempt to sign in nothing happens.

I went through and reset the password in the CSP.ini and within IRIS for CSPSystem. I made sure it had the new GatewayRole per suggested

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I am trying to lock down security within our Development environment per requirements from a Security Audit that was done earlier this year. I need to try to limit access at a public level, access to cache users, and exposure.

I installed IRIS with the Lockdown method, and have configured my web applications, services, resources, etc.

When I go into my namespace, I am constantly presented with the following error when I try to start or stop an Object...

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I am currently debugging a piece of code relying heavily on macros. I am using breaks in the method to then check the values of macros and object properties as I go. However, any time I invoke a macro within a break I get an error. To get around this I am converting the macro calls into the underlying code. Some of these macros have messy translations and this is somewhat time consuming. Is there an easier way to access macros from within a break?

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I need to ensure that the task created/scheduled, by system user, is created in the routine database and not remotely in the ECP to which it is connected. How can I guarantee the creation/scheduling of this task?

Here is a suggestion for creating the routine in both environments:


Is there another option?

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