The European Space Agency (ESA) has chosen InterSystems Caché as the database technology for the AGIS astrometric solution that will be used to analyze the celestial data captured by the Gaia satellite.

The Gaia mission is to create an accurate phase-map of about a billion celestial objects. During the mission, the AGIS solution will iteratively refine the accuracy of Gaia's spatial observations, ultimately achieving accuracies that are on the order of 20 microarcseconds.

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Providing a reliable infrastructure for rapid, unattended, automated failover

Technology Overview

Traditional availability and replication solutions often require substantial capital investments in infrastructure, deployment, configuration, software licensing, and planning. Caché Database Mirroring (Mirroring) is designed to provide an economical solution for rapid, reliable, robust, automatic failover between two Caché systems, making mirroring the ideal automatic failover high-availability solution for the enterprise.

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