· Apr 27, 2016

Feature Map and Master Index gone from 2016 version

Has anyone noticed that the Feature Map and Master Index was dropped from the 2016 version?

Anyone know why?

Please see the attached file of a screen shot.

Well, I have a screen shot file, but when I try to up load .docx, or .pdf, or html I am prevented, don't know why?

Yes, frustration!

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We are doing a bunch of work to increase our search engine presence and I think most people will find it easier to find the right InterSystems content in Google searches. Developer Community has gone a long way to add valuable content that is well indexed by Google - in most cases Developer Community content shows up in search results the same day.

Also, we have completely revamped the documentation UI to make it more modern and mobile-friendly. I'll be posting information on that next week.

If I want a definition of a word, the master index was always the place to go.

Instead of searching through pages and pages that talk around the word I want.

I was just trying to find out the command to get my pid, I believe the Master Index would have it.

Instead, I have spent 15 minutes of wasted time searching and still don't know how to get it.

The search utility is good for some things, really bad for others.

Why not have multiple ways of going in through the documentation?

But, it makes no difference, my voice does not count, so typical.

I have to say that I never thought of using Google to search our documentation until a colleague pointed it out to me a while back.

Need the function to determine your process id.

Open Google, enter "intersystems determine process id"

First returned document is the documentation for the $JOB symbol variable which contains your process id.

I have to say that as an Intersystems employee I was disappointed when I heard that the feature maps were going away.  I cant say how many times I used to use those maps for jumping to a key feature that I wanted to know about.

However, since I started using Google to search the docs the docs have become much more friendly and easy to locate what I'm looking for.

Change is hard....