Scott Beeson · Apr 27, 2016

How to determine SQL access available?

I have two servers in our TEST environment.  One with HSBUS and one with HSREGISTRY.  Let's call them "HSBUS01" and "HSDB01" respectively.


Now, I can access HSBUS with my SQL client by using the JDBC driver pointed to and port 1972 and specifying a namespace of "HSBUS".  I am, however, unable to access the HSREGISTRY instance via SQL with a similar combination of information.

I have access to the web interface on both servers (/csp/sys/#CSP.Portal.Home.zen).  What screen can I use to compare the relevant settings?  I think it might be a port issue.  Where would I find that?

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xDBC clients connect with Caché over the SuperServer port.  This is 1972 on your working system.  On the one that isn't working, to find the port do the following navigation in the System Management Portal:

Menu -> Configure Memory

Look at the SuperServer port number and see what that is if it is not 1972

The port info is also available from the "About" link at the top of Portal: