GUILHERME CRUZ ... · Apr 14, 2016

Organization of Fonte Code


I wonder if there is any way caché studio organize the source code automatically, similar to what the netbeans does.
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Could you please elaborate? Or provide some screenshots? I, for example, have no experience with NetBeans IDE so do not understand what special they provide in code organization.

You can't change how project looks like in Studio, but with SourceControl class, you can organize your files for your source control as you want.

As the others, I am trying to guess what you mean when you say organizing code. I can think if source control, project organization and auto code formatting.

If you get more specific we can provide a better answer. If you are not aware of Atelier, our new Eclipse-based IDE, take a look at the session recording from Global Summit 2016:

Maybe you are looking for Caché ObjectScript code beautifier?