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Till the end of this summer, I have few hours per day that I can spare. I am keen to invest those hours by being part of a good project as a Technical Consultant  where I can extend my expertise and connect with fellow colleagues of the community.

I have been associated with Intersytems technologies including Cache, Ensemble, Zen, DeepSee for almost a decade and have a good understanding of the same.  It was by chance that I ventured into these technologies. Initially I had been working with Sun Microsystems as an Integration Consultant for few years and that's why switching to Ensemble / Cache wasn't tough as they are an integration tool too. Training sessions at Boston also have definitely helped me make the switch

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You may have missed it, but it's here.

Now popups from SMP when you're restarting the instance or just lost connection can be suppressed.

All you need to do is set this global:

set  ^%SYS("Portal","DisableConnectivityPopup") = 1

Available for 2018.1.2 and later. Documentation.

Thank you, @Alexander Koblov  for the find!

Last comment 4 April 2019
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Hi Community

I have created a simple package that allows the use of Cache with the Laravel Framework.

From my initial testing everything seems to be operating smoothly but I would like to appeal to the PHP users in the community to help me improve this package.

For those of you out there who have time and would be interested in this, please visit the repo at

Thanks in advance

Last comment 25 March 2019
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  I have a permanent job opportunity which would ideally suit someone from Europe who want's to experience the UK (initially London), the requirements are fluent in Cache Objects, SQL, XML, Integration,  English Language and be self motivated with a desire to experience London.

  I am NOT a recruitment agency and will offer personal help in relocation and culture differencies to handle moving countries. 

  I do not offer a relocation package but will offer advice, guidance and help in relocation.

  For further details and a chat, please send your CV and salary expectations to







Last comment 2 March 2019
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Greetings, InterSystems community!

I am pleased to announce that the web terminal project, Caché WebTerminal version 4 gets its release! After long period of enhancing this web application from 2013, it came to the version 4, which features major stability and security improvements, intelligent autocomplete and syntax highlighting, convenient SQL mode and a lot of other useful features.

The goal of this article is to spread the knowledge about this project over the InterSystems community.

Last comment 26 February 2019
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At the George James Software booth at Global Summit last year we took the wraps off the work we've been doing to make our popular editing and debugging tool Serenji available on the Visual Studio Code platform.

Rather than requiring you to pull code from your namespaces into local files, then push the changes back to the namespace to run it, you work directly in the namespace. In other words, the editing experience is like Studio rather than like Atelier.

As well as editing code you can also debug it directly from VSCode

Last comment 17 January 2019
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Hi every body

I hope it's the right place & I'm not offending any body.

I'm a veteran Mumps/Cache/Ensemble programmer .  I think my only draw back is my age, although my brain is still young & bubbly.

I'm looking a long time for work without success.

I gathered a lot of knowledge & experience during those long years , developed many projects & i'm ready to do any work only to feel useful.

I'll add my resume, I hope & wish that this post will bring some change as I'm desperate to get some work.

Thank you very much Simcha my email is

Covering letter

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InterSystems is pleased to announce that  InterSystems Caché and Ensemble 2018 are now released!

New in these releases are features that improve security and operations, including:

· Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) support
· Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) integration
· Integrated Windows Authentication support for HTTP
· SSH enhancements

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I have already mentioned my project CacheBlocksExplorer recently in two articles

  1. Internal Structure of Caché Database Blocks, Part 2
  2. Internal Structure of Caché Database Blocks, Part 3

Now I would like to inform that this project can be easily run with docker.

Version for Caché and for IRIS, now publicly available on docker hub.

Remember that you need the appropriate license key (for RedHat Linux) to be able to run this project

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I have finished my 4th book about Caché and MUMPS. This will probably be my last.

I am deeply grateful and humbled for all the help I have received from this group and the WW Response Center.

You all have something very special going here. 

Unlike most groups like this, you help those who are struggling to get started, that is unique.

Never lose the attitude of graciously helping the beginner. 


Following is the book cover, available on Amazon or Smile.Amazon,

the description, my special thanks, Robert, Evgeny, Dmitry,  Nikita,

and so many others. I apologize for not listing all your names

Last comment 10 August 2018
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Good afternoon everyone,

I hope you are well,

I am currently working on the below opportunity and if anyone here would like to hear more details please feel free to contact me on 01908 886 030 or

Met with the client yesterday, beautiful office in Waterloo London, latest tech available with many benefits including working from home 2 days/w as well!

Intersystems Caché Senior Software Engineer


Salary up to £75,000 (negotiable  for the right candidate)

An exciting Software as a Service company creating enterprise software used by 33,000+ people globally. They provides a secure, global cloud platform marketing teams use to rapidly expand services across channels and launch into new markets

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InterSystems is pleased to announce availability of a field test version of Caché and Ensemble 2018.1

These kits can be downloaded from the Field Test portal page.

There are hundreds of bug fixes, and several new features, including:

  • Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Integration
  • Support for Microsoft Integrated Windows Authentication for HTTP Connections
  • SSH Enhancements

All platforms are available, except Oracle Solaris 10, 11 for x86-64.  

We expect to update the field test kits about once a week, until release.

Last comment 2 August 2018
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As a developer, usually I'm concerned about how my code health is, and how the other coders code can affect to my own work.  And I'm quite sure most of us feel very similar.

In our company we use a Static Code Analysis tool to analyze code for different languages to ensure we are writing high quality and easily maintainable code by following a few best practices in terms of code structure and content. And the question was: why should be different for Caché ObjectScript language?

Last comment 1 August 2018
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This document describes considerations around SDDC and HCI solutions for InterSystems Clients.

Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) – Important Considerations for InterSystems Clients

A growing number of IT organizations are exploring the potential use of SDDC and HCI solutions. These solutions appear attractive and are marketed as simplification of IT management and potential cost reductions across heterogeneous data centers and cloud infrastructure options. The potential benefits to IT organizations are significant, and many InterSystems clients are embracing SDDC, HCI, or both

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