· May 22, 2023

InterSystems Testing Manager - a new VS Code extension for the %UnitTest framework

If you have already built unit tests using the %UnitTest framework, or are thinking about doing so, please take a look at InterSystems Testing Manager.

Without leaving VS Code you can now browse your unit tests, run or debug them, and view previous run results.

InterSystems Testing Manager works with both of the source code location paradigms supported by the ObjectScript extension. Your unit test classes can either be mastered in VS Code's local filesystem (the 'client-side editing' paradigm) or in a server namespace ('server-side editing'). In both cases the actual test runs occur in a server namespace.

Feedback welcome.

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Thanks for the positive response. IMO the main thing needed before the Preview tag gets dropped is feedback from %UnitTest users.

One motivation for publishing the Preview is the upcoming Global Summit, which I hope will be a good opportunity for in-person discussion about this extension and others. Find me at the George James Software booth in the Partner Pavilion. 

Since you are working client-side I think you need to set a intersystems.testingManager.client.relativeTestRoot setting to contain the workspace-relative path to the tests folder that's showing at the beginning of the breadcrumb in your screenshot.

Please see point 2 of