Evgeny Shvarov · Mar 14, 2017

Join InterSystems Global Masters Gamification Platform!

Hi Community!

We want to invite you to join the InterSystems Gamification Platform called Global Masters Advocate Hub!

The Global Masters Advocacy Hub is our customer engagement platform where you will be invited to have some fun completing entertaining challenges, earning badges for the contribution to Developer Community, communicating with other advocates, and accumulating points which you can redeem for a variety of rewards and special honors.

In addition to the challenges we prepared special Global Masters rewards for you.

How to get rewards? It is simple — just redeem your points and get the reward you want.

Here are some prizes from our Rewards Catalog:

What's more?

There is also Global Masters Leaderboard which counts your advocacy activity and contribution to InterSystems Developer Community.


Leave your comment to this post if you want to join Global Masters, we will send you the link.

Allow us to recognize your contribution to Developer Community in Global Masters and register with the same email you have in Developer Community.

See you on InterSystems Global Masters today! wink

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Hi Goran! 

You are invited

Sounds fun..  May I have the link. Thanks

Hi Jimmy!

You're invited. Please check you mail! wink


Thank you for your invitation. Cheers

I want to join Global Masters. Thanks! 

Hi Rayana!

You are invited!

Hi Rayana,

You're invited. Please check you mail! wink

Hi. If it's possible, I would like a join code too.



Hi Félix,

You're invited, please check you mail. Welcome to Global Masters! wink

I would like to join

Hi Suman,

You are invited. Welcome to the club! :)

Hi Walter,

You are invited. Please check you mail! :)

Please send an invite, thanks!

Please invite me ;)

Hi Jan,

You're invited. Please check your mail! wink

Hi Relton,

Please check your mail and welcome to the club! 😉

I just got a badge!  Evidently a post of mine was added to favorites 10 times. 

How does one now which post this was though?



Hi, Mike!

I think we have a problem with this badge. Investigating. Thanks for the feedback!