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What about something like Syncthing?  I use it to keep company files mirrored & backed up.  It's the same technology as BitTorrent Sync.  I avoid BitTorrent sync intentionally to prevent my data from going through their servers.

I did once use Syncthing to perform a Windows file server migration from a Win 2K server to an Isilon.  Most/Many/All of the users used different combinations of mapped drives, network locations, and shortcuts.  I used Syncthing to mirror the data between the two locations while I was able to migrate the users over time and normalize the methods they used to access files.

Depending on the amount of data this may not be a viable solution for you.  

Hi Raul,

I haven't used Test or If Empy, but I can help with the rest.  Here's a prototype example of subroutines:

wait for: and so it begins
subroutine: $ALPHA
subroutine: $BETA
notify: Success...

wait for: some junk
send: some other junk

wait for: some other other junk
send: junk completion

Here's a working example that uses a timer, on error,  and goto statements to answer repeated OK? N=> prompts with Y.  When the questions stop the timer runs down and the script terminates.


on error: $terminate
timer: 100
wait for: OK? N=>
goto $prompted
goto $terminate

timer: 0
send: Y<CR>
goto: $looper


The real key when working with scripts is to only expect them to do exactly as told.  I remind myself constantly that the scripting language is only minorly dynamic and that I cannot treat it as a programming language.


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