Evgeny Shvarov · Mar 14, 2017

Join InterSystems Global Masters Gamification Platform!

Hi Community!

We want to invite you to join the InterSystems Gamification Platform called Global Masters Advocate Hub!

The Global Masters Advocacy Hub is our customer engagement platform where you will be invited to have some fun completing entertaining challenges, earning badges for the contribution to Developer Community, communicating with other advocates, and accumulating points which you can redeem for a variety of rewards and special honors.

In addition to the challenges we prepared special Global Masters rewards for you.

How to get rewards? It is simple — just redeem your points and get the reward you want.

Here are some prizes from our Rewards Catalog:

What's more?

There is also Global Masters Leaderboard which counts your advocacy activity and contribution to InterSystems Developer Community.


Join Global Masters now:
use your InterSystems SSO credentials to access the program.

See you on InterSystems Global Masters today! wink

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There is a problem with the global masters link - the certificate is invalid.



Nope, certificate error still remains. Our web security policy blocks access to sites with certificate errors.

Error details are as follows

VERIFY DENY: depth=0, CommonName "*" does not match URL ""

Hi, Stephen!

Thanks for the comment!

We are looking into that.

No more certificate errors. I believe the issue with the certificate is now resolved.

Hi, John and Steve!

The issue is not resolved yet, but would be solved in a few days.

I assume Evgeny's initial fix was to change the hyperlink in the article so it's an http one rather than an https one.

Hi Daniel, you are invited! Please check your mail

I also have a problem with the certificate.

Should this post be a sticky post on the homepage?

Should there be a link to it in main menu?

Thanks, Jon!

The link to Global Masters introduced to the Community menu.


I'd like to join.



I would like a join code. Thanks.


I would like a join code too, I'm very interested

I would like a join code. Thanks.


I am not able to get in the global masters is there any code to get me log in like that?

Hi, Kishan!

I sent the personal invitation to your email. Maybe your anti-spam filter is too cruel?

Resent it now.

Hi, Henrique!

See the invitation link in your box!

If still available I'd like to join.

Many thanks!

Hi, John!

It is and you are invited.

Welcome to the club!

I'd like to join as well. Thx


i would like to join to global masters . please guide me.