Is there a way to lock at the record level? I know that you can lock at the table level:


but am unable to find a way to lock just at the record/row level.

Would this also affect a SELECT statement done on the record?

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· Oct 30, 2018
ID vs %ID in tables

What is the difference between %ID and ID in a database table? Both seem to reference the same column labelled ID.

For context, I am trying to create a viewer class for an existing persistent class.

Let us call the persistent class A, with SqlTableName = OldA.

The viewer class will be B with SqlTableName = A and ViewQuery = {select %ID, <other fields> from <some other class with the same fields as A>}

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Say I have a property in a persistent class that stores list of colours and I would like to query that field and return a list and be able to loop that list to get individual colours how will l go about achieving this I have tried something like this but its not working as expected

 &sql(SELECT colour INTO :colourList FROM favouritecolours)
 While (SQLCODE = 0) 
 for i=1:1:$LENGTH($P(colourList,","))
 set fvalue=$P(colourList,",",i) 
write "the first"_fvalue,i, 
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I know &SQL returns only one result but is




the same in terms of processing required?

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I have made a query with class definitions and all their properties and put them in a view.

All is good besides Parameters is showing junk characters. Is there a way to do it cleanly besides getting into the code??

CC.ID As CompiledClass,
CP.Name As PropertyName,

FROM %Dictionary.CompiledProperty CP
JOIN %Dictionary.CompiledClass CC
ON CP.Parent = CC.ID

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· Jun 22, 2020
Amending timestamp

Hi, I have a timestamp of 201906192359 with a HL7 and I need to add a minute to it to get 201906200000. Is there an easy way within Healthshare to do this?

It seems easy enough within SQL but I cannot get the SQL to work within Healthshare, this is what I have for SQL which does the job in SQL Server.

SELECT REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(CONVERT(CHAR(16),DATEADD(mi,1,STUFF(STUFF(@test,11,0,':'),9,0,' ')),120),'-',''),' ',''),':','');

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I need to show the absence of data, so I have to join the list of predefined values with a result of a select statement.
However, it seems like Table Value Constructors in JOIN are either not supported, or I do not understand the syntax.
Basically, I am going for something like this:

Select v.valueId, 
 From (values (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)) v(valueId)
     left Join otherTable m
        on = v.valueId

Is it supported in Cache SQL or not?

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I am trying to input an entire xml into a sql server table. I am doing this via an operation in Ensemble.

I keep getting the following error

[SQL Server]XML parsing: line 0, character 0, unrecognized input signature

I have setup the table with a column parameter XML.

Here is the request object that is being sent to the store procedure

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· Jan 30, 2023
SQLComputed Code issue

Hi All,

I have a below query for which I need help.

I have a persistent class User.Cars.cls. The properties of this class is mapped through Global mapping with global (^CAR(Date,CarSerialno,Seq)).

Property CarNumber as %String (TRUNCATE=1) [SqlFieldName= CAR_Number];

Mapping of 5th Piece of ^CAR global to CarNumber property.

For e.g.^CAR(Date,CarSerialno,Seq)=1^2^3^4^BMW 4567^6^7

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In show Query messages in the message viewer the head.%Id is always used. How do you do this via your own sql/objectscript as fast as the portal does a search as using dates searching Ens.MessageHeader on portal is slow.

For instance if you try do a search saying (TimeProcessed >='2023-06-01 00:00:00.000' and TimeProcessed <'2023-06-02 00:00:00.000') it is slow but using the portal the search would know this is head.%ID >= 5344549861 AND head.%ID <= 5347641372. How do you utilize this in your own queries as can't see the logic in EnsPortal.MsgFilter.Assistant

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Hi everyone.

I have a function that may end up being called from a number of transformations at the same time, and within the function there's some Embedded SQL to first check if a local table has an entry, and then adds the entry if it doesn't exist.

To prevent a race condition where the function is called by two transformations and they both end up attempting to insert the same value, I'm looking to use the table hint "WITH TABLOCK" on the insert, but this seems to be failing the syntax checks within vscode.

Are table hints supported with embedded sql?

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This is a bit weird. I'm trying to use `DATEDIFF()` to calculate the time since the last message on an interface. For some reason, when no messages are received, the number steadily decreases. This is the opposite of what should happen. Here is my current query and a few sequential result sets:

SELECT getDate() as now, max(TimeCreated) as latest, DATEDIFF (s,getdate(), max(TimeCreated)) as difference
FROM EnsLib_HL7.Message
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Running TuneTable accounts among other the parameter named Block Count. In documentation, we see that this is an approximate numbers of 2K-blocks in which SQL-maps are stored. Databases in recent Cache doesn't support 2K-physical blocks so SQL-blocks are not physical blocks as it seems. So two questions:

- what are these blocks?

- how knowledge about count of blocks can help in SQL optimization?

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· Nov 14, 2017
type data interval

Hi communauty

I've two columns in my table and the type must be interval of integer values for example : age must be interval between [2 and 6] years and wigth between [10 and 30 ] Kg , how can i define them when creating my table?


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· Apr 6, 2018
sql insert from cache

I am tasked with using CACHE to insert data retrieved from a CACHE data base and insert it into an sql database. The columns in the sql table that I am trying to insert data into have names that contain underscores such as "ACCESSION_DATE" I found a utility in CACHE to connect to the sql data base and perform inserts. I have the data I need to insert. I need to pass the data into the sql utility referencing the column names.

I tried using indirection to set the data into underscored variables, but that isn't allowed in cache object script.

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· Jan 22, 2019
SQL select to a list

I need to select my result into a list and be able to loop through the list when query finished any help appreciated here is where I am

##sql(SELECT %ID INTO :IDArray() FROM MergeHyland.TypeTwoDimesionCollection WHERE GUID = :Key AND EndDate IS NULL)
for I=1;1:$LISTLENGTH(IDArray)


w $Data(IDArray),i



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Hi, I have used CSP to exec SQL selects from any own NAMESPACE. But in our servers we have many SQL GATEWAY CONNECTIONS.

I'd like to create a CSP page that could use these gateway to exec SQL using these gateway connections, only Administrators will use that page to launch many select at many dsn. I'm not sure if we must deploy that CSP on %SYS namespace and how to use DSN(SQL Gateway connections) that are defined on server.

Anoyone has made that?

For example:



CSP Webpage:

TEXTBOX: Introduce your select:

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