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Apologies for the delay in responding but just to say, appreciate your response. This is exactly how we fixed it. 

We did consider swizzling but don't think that applies in this case since since we are inserting child records using ChildRelationship.Insert(childObj) as opposed to swizzling them into memory that they need to be unswizzled later.

@Wolf Koelling, I have been researching this because we encountered <Store> errors when processing data stored within a parent child relationship. <Store> errors occurred because of child data being loaded into memory. This breached default memory allocated to a cache process of 262,144 Kbytes (262 MB).

We initially increased cache process memory using $ZSTORAGE to get rid of <Store> errors and kept doing this till we had increased it to 2048,000 Kbytes (2 GB)! We will be refactoring our code to use one-many relationship instead, as soon as possible.

My take away from this is that it's better to stay away from parent-child relationships and use one-many relationships by default.

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