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Thanks, Evgeny!

About questions:

1) Now I use projection tables and getting result set via SQL Query after that fill it in source table. I think it's a best solution in current moment.

2) I use source table as a result set of some SQL query and before of this update table is not suitable for me because need to check which row was deleted, changed or added. Now I just delete all rows from source table and after that call SQL query for getting result and insert it in table. What do you think about this approach?

Thanks for answer, Eduard!

I have additional question:

How best to rebuild cube? Need rebuild 2 times in day for each days of week besides saturday.
Also I want to fill source table before a rebuild <= In this case I call SQLQuery for getting result set.

I know about synchronisation but I don't fully understand how to set rebuild time with the terms written above. Also synchronisation get data from source table and fill it in ^OBJ.DSTIME. What event need for update source table before filling ^OBJ.DSTIME?

My idea is call some method via TaskManager. This method update source table  in first and after that rebuild cube without synchronization.

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