Hi all,

I have a very weird error when I'm calling to a SOAP Webservice as client.

I've create all objects to invoke to this SOAP using the add-in "Assistant SOAP" in Eclipse, it has created all objects (Response, Request, Business operation WS class, etc...).

When I call to this service it retuns the following error message:

ERROR #6243: HTTP request to SOAP WebService returned unexpected CONTENT-TYPE response: text/html.

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Larry Pinsky · Jan 20, 2021
Multiple Threads In Operations

I have a BPL that calls a business service (actually does lots of other things unrelated to my question).  We receive an acknowledgement back containing data that is processed in the BPL and sent to the source system. The process of sending to our downstream system "A" and receiving the response takes about 20 seconds per transaction (very slow on system A's side).  Due to this slowness, we end up with a backlog close to 1000 messages by the end of the workday.

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I want to consume external websocket api, URL looks like this:


Checked with external tool (Simple WebSocket Client) that websocket works and I can consume the data.

In Cache the relevant functionality is offered by %IO.Socket class.

set sock = ##class(%IO.Socket).%New()
set sock.SSLConfig = "MyEmptySSLConfig"
set sock.TranslationTable="UTF8"
do sock.Open("site.com/ws/v2/?&token=<token>","443", 10,.sc)

However I get this error:

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I create a WebService in Machine One, with some process, i tested this webservice with SOAPUI, worked.

After that i create a simple Business Operation, SOAP Adapter, based on WebClient created with SOAP Wizzard, the problem with that is on response var, i have empty var on my operation, somebody have some Ideas ? 

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Hello Community, 

I want to secure a SOAP Webservice (an EnsLib.SOAP.Service one, if that matters) adding a SSL/Username Policy to it. As im not sure how detailed my request here should get, ill try giving a detailed as-is description of my setup, what I've tried, how I tried to test the connection and what problems including some logs I ran into. 

As a small foreword: I'm pretty new to the whole security aspect of intersystems and soap itself. 


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Orlando Lagman · Jan 16, 2020
debugging web client

I used the soap wizard to create a web client based on the wsdl.  I was able to get a valid response back, and now it looks like the error is in decrypting the soap message response "inbound"

ERROR #6284: Security header error: SecurityTokenUnavailable.

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Working on a project to call a web service and the soap header has custom header elements that need to be signed. i reviewed the %soap.inc and didn't see any appropriate macro  

EBS and IDP elements need to be signed


here's a provided header sample


this a sample output that I created.

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I am trying to use the %ListOfDataTypes functionality, but am hitting a limit of 50 characters for each entry, when being used in a Web Service.  Is there a way to increase the number of characters that can be used in the %ListOfDataTypes through a web service? 

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We have a SOAP web service that we call to retrieve a stream of a PDF file. The web service is written by another group in our company (not a Cache group). We are running into one issue where it seems that the PDF is too big and when it is sent to us we get this "ERROR #6301: SAX XML Parser Error: <STORE>". The stream is about 8mb. This is the first time that we have encountered this issue.

We have a WRC ticket open about this but doing some research, we found that if we increase the $ZSTORAGE then we no longer get this error when we call the web service for this 8mb file.

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I am trying to import a WSDL using the wizard and it outputs:

ERROR #6413: Element 'wsdl:binding:operation:msg': corresponding to message null : http://services.sanidad....



I have tried to find more information:


It is close to this case, however it is not the same error number:


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Hi There

I've created a new WebClient using Studio Addon-s Soap Wizard. 

I've tried to send a soap request using  InvokeMethod.

However the Body comes empty   <soapenv:Body></soapenv:Body>

I needed it to be 



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I have the following message when I try to import a WSDL to generate a SOAP service:


ERROR #5319: The type of a property of a class series cannot be recurring: SeleneHL7Service.hl71.escapeType:escape
  > ERROR #5030: Error occurred while compiling SeleneHL7Service.hl71.escapeType class


I have found in the documentation:



5319 The type of a property in a serial class cannot be recursive: %1



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I'm trying to establish a communication between my edge, which is in one server, with my HUB which is in another one. 
In EDGE, when the HS.Gateway.HSWS.WebServices component sends a message to the HUB component, it receives the following error: "Cannot invoke method RegisterGateway; WebServiceClientClass 'HS.Hub.HSWS.WebServicesClient' could not be instantiated, or the WebServiceURL Location could not be determined".

May someone help me? 

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I am trying to return a stream soap response using web services I can call my web service supply it with a xml string which works fine . I then work on that XML and try to return  a Stream but all works in the production when my service receives the stream after I get the error  as if its trying to copy stream to a variable and I am confused as to where that operation happens.

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Currently one of our applications, coded in Cache, performs web service API calls out to one of our vendors.   We now need to be able to send a Client ID in the portion of the Soap envelope.  

I  think I have a clue of what I need to do but not 100% sure.  We were thinking we could use the method %SOAP.WebClient.SetHttpHeader(field name, value) but when I have tired using this method and looked at the Soap log to see what is sent, the field is never showing.  I realized I could be setting the wrong object using the method.

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