I want to consume external websocket api, URL looks like this:


Checked with external tool (Simple WebSocket Client) that websocket works and I can consume the data.

In Cache the relevant functionality is offered by %IO.Socket class.

set sock = ##class(%IO.Socket).%New()
set sock.SSLConfig = "MyEmptySSLConfig"
set sock.TranslationTable="UTF8"
do sock.Open("site.com/ws/v2/?&token=<token>","443", 10,.sc)

However I get this error:

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Hello Community, 

I want to secure a SOAP Webservice (an EnsLib.SOAP.Service one, if that matters) adding a SSL/Username Policy to it. As im not sure how detailed my request here should get, ill try giving a detailed as-is description of my setup, what I've tried, how I tried to test the connection and what problems including some logs I ran into. 

As a small foreword: I'm pretty new to the whole security aspect of intersystems and soap itself. 


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Orlando Lagman · Jan 16, 2020
debugging web client

I used the soap wizard to create a web client based on the wsdl.  I was able to get a valid response back, and now it looks like the error is in decrypting the soap message response "inbound"

ERROR #6284: Security header error: SecurityTokenUnavailable.

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We have a SOAP web service that we call to retrieve a stream of a PDF file. The web service is written by another group in our company (not a Cache group). We are running into one issue where it seems that the PDF is too big and when it is sent to us we get this "ERROR #6301: SAX XML Parser Error: <STORE>". The stream is about 8mb. This is the first time that we have encountered this issue.

We have a WRC ticket open about this but doing some research, we found that if we increase the $ZSTORAGE then we no longer get this error when we call the web service for this 8mb file.

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I am trying to import a WSDL using the wizard and it outputs:

ERROR #6413: Element 'wsdl:binding:operation:msg': corresponding to message null : http://services.sanidad....



I have tried to find more information:


It is close to this case, however it is not the same error number:


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I have the following message when I try to import a WSDL to generate a SOAP service:


ERROR #5319: The type of a property of a class series cannot be recurring: SeleneHL7Service.hl71.escapeType:escape
  > ERROR #5030: Error occurred while compiling SeleneHL7Service.hl71.escapeType class


I have found in the documentation:



5319 The type of a property in a serial class cannot be recursive: %1



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I'm trying to establish a communication between my edge, which is in one server, with my HUB which is in another one. 
In EDGE, when the HS.Gateway.HSWS.WebServices component sends a message to the HUB component, it receives the following error: "Cannot invoke method RegisterGateway; WebServiceClientClass 'HS.Hub.HSWS.WebServicesClient' could not be instantiated, or the WebServiceURL Location could not be determined".

May someone help me? 

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I am trying to return a stream soap response using web services I can call my web service supply it with a xml string which works fine . I then work on that XML and try to return  a Stream but all works in the production when my service receives the stream after I get the error  as if its trying to copy stream to a variable and I am confused as to where that operation happens.

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We need to communicate with a vendor through web services in a way that those web services pull the queued messages from Ensemble instead of Ensemble pushing messages to a web service. 

Is this possible? if yes, will we loose the messages sessions, status, and tracking information?

Your help is much appreciated. 



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While HL7 Errors ACKs come back in the soap response, the HL7v2 Error ACK message is not processed. 

I used the SOAP Wizard to construct my classes, but the generated code doesn't handle the HL7v2 ACK.
Does health Connect have a class that handles this?

Failing an official solution should I go ahead and make make my own classes based on EnsLib.HL7.Operation.TCPOperation, but wrapping it with the generated SOAP handling code.

How have others dealt with this?

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Bernard Buhagiar · Jun 28, 2019
Internal Web Service

Hello everyone,

Anyone can help me please. We use SOAP web service with public methods and have many instances of these classes, all work fine. We would like to create a new SOAP web service but for internal usage only, meaning not available to the public. The purpose of this is for communication between different servers internally.

We thought of having the methods to be Internal, WebMethod instead of just WebMethod.

Any suggestions?



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Hello experts,

I'm new to InterSystems software and still not so familiar with it. Therefore I do apologize in front if this question is irrelevant, not making sense or answer is commonly known.

I've did my best in search for answer, but unfortunately i haven't found anything helpfull. So I decided to ask for help here.


My problem is repetitive error which occure in CSP Gateway event log : 

Error Condition: Failed to read posted content from the client (Content-Length: 1404; Data Actually Read: 0; Read Error: 70007)

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We have just completed a migration of a test environment from Ensemble 2012 to Ensemble 2017 on a new server. This is the last in a series of migrations but the first to encounter this particular issue. All web clients making SOAP requests to a particular external web service are receiving a fault that states:

The SOAP action specified on the message, '', does not match the HTTP SOAP Action, 'http://<expected target service action follows here>'.

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