You can definitely compile and install cache-python binding module on x86-64 machines. I have done this on Ubuntu and it produced (pythonbind3-1.0-py3.6-linux-x86_64.egg). I am not sure I understand why it cannot be installed on IRIS x86-64bit platform. If you install python binding on IRIS I will be also interested in testing my CacheORM object-relational mapper.

Thanks Evgeny, you cannot execute my jupyter notebooks on Azure cloud and I think you have to login first in order to view them. In any case my CacheORM module is dependent on intersys.pythonbind module. One has to install this first and verify that it works then start playing with my demos. I wrote guidelines about installation in Github README file.

Hi Rob, thank you for the update on your QEWD project. One of the main reasons I chose Python as the binding language for Cache in our project instead of Javascript is that in data analysis, data science area the first is already well established, extremely popular and there is big momentum on developing further a vast collection of tools and libraries that extent the language. But the second clearly wins the battle in web platform development. I am sure I will definitely re-visit your project and perhaps ask you to collaborate when I reach the stage of developing the front end and/or another client API. For our readers I must also mention that your article on a universal NoSQL engine using Globals is a must read for anyone that wants to understand the power of multi-dimensional, schema-free, hierarchically structured, sparse, dynamic arrays, i.e. Global Storage databases. And for the history it appeared right at the birth (re-birth) of NoSQL movement back in 2010 ;-)

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