Does anyone have a good example of setting up an Inbound Email Adapter Service to retrieve an email? I am thinking of sending this email to a BPL to retrieve the Attachment that is in the email. Would that be the correct method to do that?


Scott Roth

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

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Ensemble 2017.2.

I am writing a DTL code action based on the solution described in the posting "How to avoid truncation in HL7 messages with very large fields (32K+)". Because the source value is in a repeating segment, and the specific repetition in which the value is located can vary, I would like to use a variable (specifically the k1 key) to specify the repetition to get. I have been unable to get it to work.

OBXgrp is the location in the path at which the repetition occurs. Hard-coding an index, as in the example below, works.

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Connections/ SOAP Operations to 3rd Parties can hold some challenges like the 3rd party changes it 's structures/ WSDL and returns an additional property in a SOAP response. So I have tried to implement the XMLIGNOREINVALIDTAG in the proxy SOAP response structures , but in Ensemble this seems to get ignored.

Are there any good suggestions on how to handle this an ideal would have been that the other party inform you of changes before hand....

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I am trying to find out when a Business Service was created, and by who. I have reviewed the audit trail and it doesn't appear that this information is actually logged there. I am hoping that this might be logged in a SQL table or global someplace. I have reviewed the SQL tables in that namespace and have come up empty. I thought it might be located in Ens_Config.Item, but that table is sparse.

Anyone know where this information might be logged?

Thanks, Jim

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Someone may have asked this before but is there a way to return the TRACE statements that we have placed in the Data transformation within the DTL Editor Testing Tool (EnsPortal.Dialog.TestTransform.cls)? Is this something we can get in an Enhancement request in for?

It would save sometime in troubleshooting where an error might be in the DTL.

Just wondering...



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Ahmad Bukhtiar · Jun 10, 2021
HealthShare UCR User Roles

Hi anyone has created the user roles for UCR pls share details like if we want to create following roles what access rights should be give to each role.

UCR Admin - This user can stop/start productions, can enable/disable services, can run sql queries, can make changes in facility registries, assigning authority and other configuration.

UCR Developer - This user can add new services in the production but can not make any change in the registires and other configuraiton

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Rochdi Badis · Jun 30, 2021
OnMouseOver in a TablePane

Hi Guys,

is there a Onmouseover event in TablePane?

I'm looking to show an image when the user hover with the mouse on a specific Cell in a tablepane, any Ideas?


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Hello all,

I have a problem where one of our 3rd party systems is only able to accept HL7 messages with UTF-8 encoding but the originating messages have Windows 1252 encoding. Does anyone know a way in which I can change the encoding for the entire message from Windows 1252 to UTF-8? I have only been able to find the CONVERT method to change individual charachters but we would like to change the entire HL7 message encoding.


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In my project, I am calling a store proc on third party database. I am using SQL Gateway and ODBC. Everything is working fine until the store proc changed. In store proc they have changed the return alias name for a column. In Ensemble Snapshot I am not seeing the modified alias name until I restarted the whole Healthshare instance.

Here is my question, is there any other way? We do not want to take the instance down if it happens after we go live.



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I'm trying to setup a webserver in health share.

I'm stuck in premission set up.

When I select Unauthenticaded login method in EDIT WEB APLICATION the page freeze and after some time, about a minute, the login page is shown.

Someone knows what is happening?

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The context of the rule set contains an ArrayOfDT(I've also tried Collection.ArrayOfDataTypes).

I need to access an element using its key in the rule set using the assign function. I've tried everything I can think of and searched the documentation, but can't find anything. It is probably very obvious.

Can you please help?

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Oliver Wilms · Apr 24, 2019
80 bytes wrapped X12 files

Hello, our X12 File Service won't process files we encountered X12 files where they inserted CR LF after 80 bytes repeatedly in the middle of segments. X12 Parser does not seem to like it. I see there is a Whitespace property in Adapter. I am not sure if it ignores white space in the middle of a segment. I also heard about TolerateNewLine setting but I believe this also does not tolerate New Lines in the middle of a segment. We will probably have to read the file, strip out any CR and LF, write to a new file that the X12 file service can process.

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Hi, i am trying to transform a mensage HL7 ORUR01. The segmnet OBX.5 is dynamic and i'm calling to subtranform item but fail.

this is the error:
ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <METHOD DOES NOT EXIST>zTransform+16 ^es.gra.informes.transformaciones.OBXToInforme.1 *GetSegmentAt,EnsLib.HL7.Segment -- - registrado como '-'
número - @'
Set zSrcOBJz=source.GetSegmentAt("5",.tSC1)'

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