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I was just in the process of implementing a custom SOAP web service to receive a message with an embedded base64 encoded HL7 message when I noticed the above-mentioned OOTB service. I've been unable to find any documentation describing its use but it appears to expose a single operation named Send which takes a single parameter (a %Stream.GlobalCharacter) named Input. Does anyone know if this service is indeed useful and if so quite how the HL7 should be passed in? I haven't managed to poke it into doing anything so far and I'm wondering whether to continue developing my own service or whether this OOTB alternative is a better approach. (I've tried sending in the HL7 as text in which case the SAX parser complains, and as base64 encoded in which case I receive an empty response and nothing gets passed through to the router process.)



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This class wasn't intended as a general-purpose service but was done for a simple way to get a SOAP message past a firewall. It is sending an HL7 message and not any XML representation  It is expecting a message in the form generated by  EnsLib.HL7.Util.SOAPClient.Send. I'm trying to get more information on it, but you could try 

  HL7 File Service --> EnsLib.HL7.Operation  --> EnsLibb.HL7.Service.SOAPService --> HL7 File Operation

Assuming the message comes through this, you can put a TCP trace to see the exact format of the SOAP message.