Gaolai Peng · Jun 2, 2017

What is the max length of the content when resending a message

We have a service that sends XML message. During unit test, I tried to resend the message with following scenario:

(1) If I leave the content blank, the original message will be resent in the ContentStream;

(2) If I post a new XML message, the new XML will be sent in the Content, the original message will be resent in the ContentStream;

(3) If I post a new XML message with very big length, it will be converted to 5@%CSP.CharacterStream, and following kind of error will be thrown:

ERROR #6901: XSLT XML Transformer Error: SAXParseException: invalid document structure (Occurred in an unknown entity, at line 1, column 23.)

My questions are why resending the original message even I post a new message in the content? Is there any setting to avoid it? In addition, what is the maximum length of the content?


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There's no mention of what message class is being used or what service is being used, so it's hard to determine how to answer your question.  In general, for messages that extend HS.Types.XMLMessage, HealthShare expects you to populate the ContentStream property.