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Hi, are you able to describe the question with more detail and maybe with an example. Now it's difficult to understand exactly what the problem is.


With ftp errors I just usually google with the error code. This is Error: 426 Connection closed; transfer aborted. This could be related to active/passive mode setting. Have you considered this in your custom adapter?

I have implemented a dicom worklist service with integration to our RIS system.

I would advice you against a 1:1 messaging back to Epic though. Here is why:

- many Modalities request worklists very frequently, so the workload or latency to Epic side might become a limiting factor
- modalities share several study rooms/resources and that modality/resource mapping might not be available in Epic (I could be wrong here)

In stead, how I did it was to attach the dicom service to our RIS’s event handler mechanism which would send a Soap call upon any changes of a study status and describing details of the study to the dicom service. The dicom service would then store/update the relevant details of the study internally, so when the modality requests a worklist, the service already has all the data and does not have to request it from somewhere else. The dicom service also holds mapping between resources, modality AET’s and provides an UI to maintain that.

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