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This is exactly my question too. I'm creating and sending milloins of xml files and they get stored into the stream -folder in the namespace. The filename is obviously contained in the StreamContainer object, but is there really no clean way to delete those files? In the case of retry within the BusinessOpeation, the file has to be there, but in the case of return message, I should be able to delete it using %File.Delete()? This will slow the process down and I would like that while performing the Management data purge (including the bodies), would also purge those files, yes?

The TLS capabilities are also platform dependent, so simple Ensemble upgrade will not suffice.

I think the standard interface is the OnProcessInput(). Forget the other methods.

The idea is when the wired ADAPTER is Ens.InboundAdapter, the OnProcessInput() gets fired upon each time set in the call interval. The adapter itself does nothing more.

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