Hi Developers!

If you happen to visit Global Summit 2019 don't hesitate to stop by Developers Community Booth (table 9 on Tech Exchange, 3rd floor) - we can help to submit your Open Exchange solution to ZPM Package Manager.

One package Output Capture by @David Crawford is already packaged and can be installed with the following command:

zpm:USER>install output-capture

Also, come to chat on your dev experience and collect your GlobalMasters badge from @Anastasia Dyubaylo ;)

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Evgeny Shvarov · Oct 6, 2017
October 2017 DC Release

Hi, Community!

It's October and we have new DC release here. What's new?

1. InterSystems Single Sign-On for Global Masters

As you maybe heard about InterSystems Global Masters (GM) program. With this release, we introduced InterSystems SSO support for GM. So now everyone who has active WRC account can join GlobalMasters and no special invitation needed. You are welcome! 
How it works:

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Hi Developers,

This post is a compilation of Top Authors, Top Experts and Top Opinion Makers of the InterSystems Developer Community in 2019. And it is a good guide "Who to Follow" in 2020.

We're glad to present these people who have contributed a lot to our community in 2019. 

Let's take a closer look at the DC Wall of Fame 2019 and greet everyone with big applause! 👏🏼

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Hey Developers,

Thank you so much for being with InterSystems Developer Community for yet another year! 

More than 8K+ users are already registered in our community! And day by day our team is trying to make it better and more useful for InterSystems developers.

We want to know how helpful the Developer Community is for you today. Please go through this short survey which will let us know what do you think and what could be improved!

👉🏼 Developer Community Survey 2020 👈🏼

Note: The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

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Hi Community!

Meet the new group in Developer Community:

InterSystems Data Platform Blog!

In this group you'll find technical posts form InterSystems engineers and Community about InterSystems Data Platform technology cases which we consider as good or even best practices.

Every article in this blog passes InterSystems engineers' reviewing procedure and only then becomes available. You are very welcome to comment and share it!

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Hi Community,

2020 was full of great applications! 

Almost 400 apps have already been uploaded to InterSystems Open Exchange! And 200+ apps uploaded to our applications gallery in 2020!

We're so pleased to introduce the best Open Exchange developers and the most downloaded apps that you should definitely try!


Let's take a closer look at our heroes and remarkable apps:

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Hi, Community!

This post is a digest of the Developer Community postings in March 2018.

Most viewed

(Webinar Mar 14) REST API Design and Development  272

Replacing ZEN - Part 1 - Introduction  195

Continuous Delivery of your InterSystems solution using GitLab - Part I: Git  194

REST Design and Development  161

Deployment Strategies: Do You Compile ObjectScript on a Production Site?  161

Angular 4 (2-5), CacheAutentication, Cache2017.1, REST  155

Parallel execution in COS  154

Continuous Delivery of your InterSystems solution using GitLab - Part II: GitLab workflow  144

problems renaming/copying classes  129

Sending Alerts to Mobile Phone using Pushover from HTTP.OutboundAdapter  128

Most voted

Continuous Delivery of your InterSystems solution using GitLab - Part I: Git  6

Replacing ZEN - Part 1 - Introduction  5

Save the Date - InterSystems Partner's Day 2018 in Austria  5

(Webinar Mar 14) REST API Design and Development  5

Replacing ZEN - Index to articles  5

Continuous Delivery of your InterSystems solution using GitLab - Part II: GitLab workflow  4

Minimum Monitoring and Alerting Solution  4

Sending Alerts to Mobile Phone using Pushover from HTTP.OutboundAdapter  3

Caché Native Access — working with native libraries in Caché   3

DeepSee: Databases, Namespaces, and Mappings - Part 1 of 5  3

Most commented

problems renaming/copying classes  19

Deployment Strategies: Do You Compile ObjectScript on a Production Site?  19

GetSwizzled error in cache  14

creating a test server  13

translation of data ready to push to and from a JSON restAPI  13

(Webinar Mar 14) REST API Design and Development  10

Filters in DeepSee Dashboards  10

SqloutBound Adapter with Output to File  8

Multiple installs of Eclipse/Atelier with different server connections  8

How to Call a Custom Listing in MDX?  8

Top 10 Authors to Follow by Views

Eduard LebedyukPosts,  667

Peter CooperPosts,  289

Mark ConnellyPosts,  128

Murray OldfieldPosts,  81

Evgeny ShvarovPosts,  60

Artem Daugel-DaugePosts,  52

Alessandro MarinPosts,  36

Top 10 Experts to Follow

Robert CemperAnswers,  +4

Timothy LeavittAnswers,  +3

Tomas VaverkaAnswers,  +2

Eduard LebedyukAnswers,  +2

Dmitry MaslennikovAnswers,  +2

Michael MoulckersAnswers,  +1

Mark HansonAnswers,  +1

Ray FucilloAnswers,  +1

Alessandro MarinAnswers,  +1

John MurrayAnswers,  +1

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Hi Developers!

Currently, we are experiencing technical issues with DC sign-in - you may not be able to sign in and contribute to the Developer Community.

Our engineers are already working to solve the issue, so we are committed to restoring service quickly.

To stay in touch, let's continue our tech talks on InterSystems Developers Discord Server 👈

Thank you for your patience!

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Hey everyone,

Need to change your PRIMARY email address (login email) and not lose all your activity on the Developer Ecosystem resources: Community, Global Masters, and Open Exchange?

It's easy! We will take care! 

1️⃣ We will correctly transfer all your information from the old DC account to the new one.

All your posts, comments, mentions, likes, etc. will be saved on the new account.

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Evgeny Shvarov · Dec 31, 2020
Happy New 2021 Year!

Hi Developers,

We want to sum up the results of 2020 and meet 2021 together with you!

This was a very unusual, strange, dangerous, online year. A year full of politics, courage, diseases and deaths, new life-changing technologies, and innovations.    

This was a unique year for the Developer Community too – for the first time we had a 100% virtual global summit, we introduced series of online contests and we are doing regular online meetups – this is all new and all this is already a part of our life.

This year we introduced the Japanese and the Portuguese Communities in addition to the English and the Spanish ones, and we are waiting for the Chinese community to join!

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Welcome to the February'22 Community Release!

We're pleased to present our brand new Community Event Calendar for InterSystems developers: 

🎯 https://community.intersystems.com/events 

In this calendar, you will see the history of DC events. Find out about events that are happening now or soon, check out past events, and watch recordings of Community's webinars and meetups.

Let's take a closer look at how to use it.

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