Evgeny Shvarov · Oct 31, 2016

Developer Community update: new favorites and subscriptions

Hi, Community!

We deployed the new update on DC and it brings:

  • The new post subscriptions/favorites model
  • Some menu changes
  • Bug fixes.

The new post subscriptions/favorites model:

with every post you now see the star in the left bottom corner of the widget in the feed or of the post.

Click on it and it turns to yellow which means that you store it in your "Favorites" tab which you can find later in your member's page like it is shown in my one.

Also, that means you automatically subscribed to email notifications on all the changes in this post.

Click it again to unfavorite/unsubscribe the article.

The number near the star shows how many people stored it in Favorites already.

Menu changes

We introduced some menu changes.

Community Menu

Community menu now has links to:

Members - find members of the Community

Groups - examine and subscribe to the different groups

Analytics - examine Developer Community Analytics online via InterSystems DeepSee dashboards. 

Members Leaderboard - shows the best DC contributors in the month.

Posts dashboard - shows the posts and comments on daily basis. Click on the cells to go to the posts:

Tag cloud - lets you find posts via cloud and filters:

InterSystems Menu

Try InterSystems Caché - download Free InterSystems Caché Evaluation version.

Contact Us - opens the form to provide any request to InterSystems: questions, general or sale inquiry, RFI/RFP, etc.

My drafts  - your post's drafts are here.

My Favorites - here are your "old" favorites. Please mark them with star if you want to keep it in your new favorites. We plan to remove this link in a few weeks.

We also fixed the bug regarding the wrong name on the member's page.

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