· Oct 26, 2018

5,000 Members in InterSystems Developer Community!

Hi Community!

I'm pleased to announce that InterSystems Developer Community reached 5,000 registered members!

Thank you, developers, not only for registering but rather for making this place more and more helpful for everyone who develops and supports solutions on InterSystems Data Platforms all over the world! Big applause to all of us! 

Here are some other statistics what makes Developer Community crowdy and helpful:

Thank you for your continuous feedback in DC Feedback group and public issue tracker

And special thanks to our noble Developer Community Team: Content Manager @Anastasia Dyubaylo, Global Masters Managers: @Olga Zavrazhnova and @Julia Fedoseeva, and DC Moderators: @Robert Cemper, @Eduard Lebedyuk , @Dmitry Maslennikov and @John Murray.


Dear Developers! We in DC team will continue to work hard to make InterSystems Developer Community the best and the most convenient place to ask questions, share experience and discuss the best practices on InterSystems Data Platforms.

Thank you for your choice and your contribution, and do not hesitate to provide feedback and enhancement requests!

Stay tuned! 

Evgeny Shvarov,

Community Manager.

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