Evgeny Shvarov · Oct 24, 2016

Developer Community Update

Hi, Community!

We put in production the new DC update today. With this update we fixed some bugs, like publishing drafts with proper date and RSS fix and introduced the new look to the member page.

Now member's page consists of Posts, Comments, and Favorites: e.g. this is the page of Alexander Koblov:



With this update you can see all the contributions and interests of your favorite author on DC.

Hope you like it!

Next weeks we prepare some new good updates! Stay tuned!

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RSS feeds are still broken.  Many news readers will not accept feeds that have a blank title element.  It is impossible to subscribe unless there is *something* in the title element.  <title></title> is not acceptable to my preferred news reader.

Thanks, George! We are working on it at this moment.

What does the star with the number mean in the lower left hand corner of each post?

It is the Favorite/Subscribe button and the number of members, who favorited/subscribed to it.

Subscription itself still needs to be improved, but the indication is done already.

Mike, the number is the number of people who have subscribed to this post.  The star is a button and if you click on it then you can subscribe or unsubscribe to the post.


I wish I could save an article to read it later... Looks like the subscription is not working. I subscribed to some articles to read them later and they don't show up on my "My Content > My Favorites".


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