· Feb 21, 2023

New bio and pinned posts in your profile!

You asked – we did it! 

We're thrilled to share with you the marvelous changes we've done to your profile pages ❤️‍🔥

✔️ User bio section at the top

✔️ Pinned posts

First of all, we've added a new User bio section at the top of your profile. It allows you to:

  • quickly navigate to the InterSystems Certifications page of your profile 
  • see when you became a member of our awesome Community
  • share more info about yourself with other members of the Community

You can add your personal BIO to the "Basic info" section – just write what you want to tell others about yourself:

Also, don't forget that on the same page you can also complete your social media profiles so that other members can connect with you on other networks:

Here is an example of a profile with a completed bio: 

Pinned posts in your DC profile

The second interesting addition is the possibility to pin the posts that you're most proud of or want to showcase for others.

You can choose 3 of your own posts and "pin" them at the top of your profile page so that they are the first ones anyone sees when they open your profile. To do this just hover over the pin symbol in the right top corner of your post in the list in your profile and click the pin:

In the same way, if you want to take the pin off a post, just hover over the pin symbol and click the pin again.

It is this easy!

Hope you'll like all our changes and fill in your bio and pin the posts. We have more improvements in mind so stay tuned ;)

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