minh nguyen · Dec 29, 2017
DBA account reset

I have a running Cache DB system that the password for DBA isn't given the default password. How should one go to reset the password without having the credentials for DBA?

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Hi all,

I am new in Cache. I have to update a record with a long text field, for that, I am using ODBC but the issue is that it is returning an error when I execute the ODBC SQL statement because the field contains some commas, colon, double quotes, single quotes, and CR LF characters.

There is a way to escape this chars? I have seen I can save the field when I replace the single quotes with a double single quote (it's -> it''s) but I can not save the information when the field contains double quote chars. What about the other chars?

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There have been similar questions asked before, but a few years ago now. My problem is that when I create an application in plain CSP, a typical link to a page will look like this in the browser..

One user sent back a comment.. 'I'm not using your application as it is un-secure' .. based on the fact that the elements are spelled out in the URL.

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I use macros everyday, but its the first time I want to create a macro like this

I want to create a new macro whereby I can pass a variable amount of parameters

the macro (much simplified version) would be

#define myMacro(%params) $listBuild(any Number Of %params I pass in)

so I want to be able to call $$$myMacro(user,ID,vehicle) ie 3 parameters would generate


but equally I might want to call that same macro $$$myMacro(companyID) ie 1 paramter and would generate


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Currently, we are receiving an alert that states, "Write Daemon still on pass 31". It's been that way for a few hours.

I was wondering if it is possible to identify what the WD has left to work on so that we can see how we can reduce this and possibly identify if there are issues with the way something is written.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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I am working with a client to try and export a set of tasks defined in the Task Manager from one system to another. I am not seeing any API for this. I can query this information in SQL. So I tried to use the Data Export Wizard from the System Management portal in the SQL window. Export was fine. Importing failed with a "can't insert into read only field" error. Looking at the class definition does not help since the implementation details are not visible.

So how would one accomplish this? Export scheduled tasks from one system to another?

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wx fg · May 17, 2018
cannot connect to Caché


I cannot connect to Caché sometimes, the error message is

[Cache JDBC] Communication link failure: Communication error: Connection reset

and I cannot access the management portal

so I plan to restart Caché with "ccontrol stop cache", it prompted "unable to get access to pid table"

what's the problem?


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We upgraded from 2017.1 to 2017.2 today and noticed that when shutting down we must do it as an administrator. Attempting to shut down as a non-admin result in a failure to shut down message. We are curious if there was an issue with our upgrade or if there is a change that requires an administrator to shut down Cache in 2017.2.


Operating System is Windows Server 2012 R2. We run Cache in a cluster using Windows Failover Cluster where we swing the drive from one machine to another when failing.

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Evgeny Shvarov · Jun 5, 2018
$CASE For Long Stories

Hi, Community!

$CASE is a fine syntax sugar for "Ifs" with one-line/one-word expressions, like in docs:

SET daynum=$ZDATE($HOROLOG,10)
  WRITE $CASE(daynum,
              6:"Saturday",0:"Sunday",:"entry error")

But if my expression for a current case is a multi-line business logic? Can I use "{}" somehow or better go with "IF" instead?

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Traditional Caché Objectscript has the multi-dimensional array as its main form of complex data structure and the $order command as the main means of traversing said data structures. But newer versions of Caché ObjectScript also have data structures that are direct parallels of what languages such as JavaScript provide, in the form of %DynamicObject and %DynamicArray. These have an easy to use iterator feature via the %GetIterator method, and even a handy built-in literal syntax for constructing new objects.

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Activate Wizard by-pass


1. how to bypass the Activate wizard ?, and run directly the Activate on: .NET x64 COM Assembly (.dll,.tlb)

with object script , something like :

D Activate^%CacheActivate("MyAssembly.tlb")

the MyAssembly.tlb , is ofcourse , a visible Element in activate Wizard table list

2. activate Wizard table list, sometimes throws an error #6101 ?



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Hi everyone

I have a datacombo that displayes value from a db table.

I would like to set one of this value as default value. How can I do that? Is there a way to say selected value given the text or the Id from the DB table?

Thanks a lot and kind regards


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