· Jan 11, 2021

MUMPS position with Java and AWS for replatforming to cloud project

This is a remote position for a US Citizen who has significant MUMPS background AND has experience at a deep level with Java, and AWS Services.

The location is in Kirkland Washington, however, obviously during the COVID we will be doing remote work.  Our hope is some is willing to relocated to the Seattle Region after we open up again.

Essential skill sets are:  competent if not excellent in MUMPS.   Cache Knowledge of a deep level.   Knowledge of Java and variants,  AWS - specific to hybrid cloud services - perferablly (blue sky here):  Certification as a AWS Architect - Professional.  

This may be a blue elephant.

I worked at the client since 1995 and worked on MHS and VistA for a period from 2014-2018 before my retirement and they use me as the recruiter internally.

Salary or Contractor -- either approach is fine.  We have stock, benefits, medical - extensive, and some smart technicals.   Salary and hourly are open to discussion.

Nice if you happen to live on the West Coast so you are in the same time zone.   We do Military and non-Military projects -- so citizenship is critical.


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