Mikko Laitamäki · Jun 17, 2020

Dialect for hibernate version 5.x for cache >= 2018

Is there somewhere  a dialect  class for Cache 2018.1  with  Hibernate  version 5.x ?

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or is it missing deliberatly, so when we are upgrading from  java 8 to newer (requires hibernate upgrade) our clients are required  to  buy iris license?

Thank you Asif,

You answered for Iris.

But  I was asking for Cache, I supect that our clients would not be wery pleased  if  I tell them to repurchase a database license  for a java 11 upgrade.  

Thanks anyway,


So was finally trying to do something and asked those iris dialect files from Intersystems support to see if those would work with cache. But apparently you cant get  even those  from wrc.