· Apr 28, 2020

Ensuring that no plans are frozen after version upgrade

I've been reading the documentation guide for 2018.1 over frozen query plans several times in the last days (link) and there is an answer I can't seem to find directly.

My on-premise upgrade way is:

  • Update healthshare version
  • Unfreeze all my namespace plans
  • Purge all queries
  • Overwrite the database containing the logic (both the old and new logic contains static queries compiled with the target HS version, and dynamic queries) 

I want to be sure that no plan is frozen (never while working on this version) after the upgrade is done, am I on the safe side or the next time a dynamic query is prepared is going to be frozen?

Is there a step that is not needed? Maybe as I'm already changing the LOGIC database I don't need to unfreeze + purge?

Thank you

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As stated by user Mario Sanchez on the spanish community:

The query freezing are based on cached queries, so we can assure that if there are no cached queries there will no be frozen queries. 

Saying that, the best way to be sure to not have frozen queries:

  1. Unfreeze
  2. Purge

It can be that overwriting the LOGIC some queries are automatically purged, and the later would not be needed, but knowing that both steps are fast and clear we can take it as assured.