瑞 王 · Apr 7, 2020

Stored procedure call

When using CallableStatement to call a stored procedure, the log shows an error. SqlCode-400.

This is my calling statement.

CALL web_DHCENS_CDSS.patadviceinfo_patadviceinfo(?,?,?)
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The error occour in the line:


When try to access the global ^PAADMi("No", ""), the error occours because is trying to acces a null subscript.

Maybe a parameter was not passed in the procedure call ?


这三个参数有什么用途?^PAADMi("No") 是医院episode号码的指数。空字符串的参数会不会需要episode号?

最好要修改stored procedure先检查需要的参数。

The global ^PAADMi("No", "") is a index global, if I'm not wrong ,is a index of PA_AADM table and the field of the index is PAADM_PAPMI_NO (MRN number of patient).  Maybe then idex have some problem.

Do you have access to the stored procedure code?, If yes try to execute the query of procedure manually in the System Adminstration Portal. If not, I think you will need some suport.