Yone Moreno · May 11, 2020

Could Ensemble generate a CADES sign?



We would like to know if Ensemble could generate a CADES sign from a string and a certificate.


We have read:


So we have seen that we could create a class, to sign a document, and store the sign inside that new class. We have also seen that there are some different algorithms to choose from, like sha1.


In addition we have also consulted the CADES sign definition:


The use case is to avoid being dependant of an external web service, and be able to generate it.

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You can use Java Gateway and this project.

On a first overview this looks like a container specification with standard crypto algorithms. So you can definitely implement it in InterSystems IRIS. I have done Xades implementation for InterSystems IRIS and it's doable (500 sloc total).