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Have you ever had to convert HL7v2 messages to FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) and found the process complicated and confusing? InterSystems is rolling out a new cloud based SaaS offering called HealthShare Message Transformation Services, which makes the process easy.  We are excited to announce an Early Access Preview Program for our new offering, and we would love to have you kick the tires and let us know what you think!  All you need is a free AWS account, with an S3 bucket to drop in your HL7v2 messages, and another S3 bucket to get your FHIR output. 

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We have a set of some fairly standard HL7 interfaces that usually end up doing about 90% of the same thing as every other interface.  I'd really like to be able to write a script that I can modify some text, and have it create Services, Processes, Operations, DTL and Business Rules.


So, let me provide a more concrete example: I feel capable of a writing to and replacing variables within a text file, different process. This is obviously going to be pseudo-code, but my thinking is this

Create "Memorial  Hospital Process"

Create "Memorial Hospital 

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I have a routine tag that takes an argument and I want this argument to be an array reference.  So I try something like:

do mytag(.myarr)

The mytag tag, adds subscripts to myarr.

When I evaluate myarr after the tag call, only the subscripts passed in are retained in myarr.  The subscripts added by mytag are missing.  Is there a way to pass an array so it will behave the way I want it to?

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In a data transformation, when creating a "set" action, I have a value that looks like this:


..If(..NotIn(source.Records.(k1).Property4,"Learn & Dev Supervisor,Director of Learn & Dev, Clinical Trainer Lead, Learning and Development Specialist Lead"),"TL","3")


Is there a way to target keywords such as "Trainer", or "Learning" so I don't have to keep adding specific job titles? 

Similar to a LIKE statement in SQL, if that makes sense.

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I downloaded the free version of CachePCkit_x86.exe. During installation, the antivirus detects a virus
PDM: Trojan.Win32.Generic
c: \ users \ ...... I \ temp \ pde9cb \ setup.exe
How to eliminate this problem

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Hey Developers, 

We love Global Masters program for dynamic, fun and networking. We love that we can get to know you better and provide you with some valuable things.

We are excited to have more members in Global Masters, and we'd like to ask your help on that: 

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Hey Developers, 

Are you ready for the new challenge? We're pleased to announce the first InterSystems technical article writing competition:

🏆 InterSystems Tech Article Contest 🏆

Write an article on any topic related to InterSystems technology from July 15 to August 15, 2021.

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Main Prize: Apple iPad

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I need to pass a parameter string that contains slashes to a REST call.

I tried URL encoding, or making URL map to accept query parameter instead of path parameter but apparently we only allow for path parameters.

I can come with several workarounds, but these involve some transformation at client and then on server, but I'd prefer a direct support.

Q1: is there any Cache specific trick to pass slashes in path parameters

Q2: are we going to support query parameters in REST?

something like this would help: 

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Can someone tell me why this query 

select vet.ID, svp.ID_PACIENTE, vet.conselho, vet.uf, vet.numConselho, vet.nome, svp.SEQ_SOLICITANTE, vet.numConselho , vlab.numConselho
from RPE.Veterinario vet
inner join RPE.VeterinarioLab vlab
    ON vet.conselho = vlab.conselho
    AND vet.numConselho = vlab.numConselho
    AND vet.uf = vlab.uf
left join MySevi.SolicitanteVeterinarioPaciente svp
    on svp.ID_VETERINARIO = vet.ID
where svp.ID_PACIENTE in ('6408||284144||47633', '6408||284145||47634')

does't return any value and this query

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Syed M · 19 hours ago
Method Call

Hi all,
    We have a session values in a cache method and need to get those values in a client method (JavaScript).
Eg : 
    ClassMethod Method1()
    Set %session.Data("Param1")="Data 1"

ClientMethod onloadHandler [Language = javascript]
   var ret = zenPage.getSessionValues();

ClassMethod getSessionValues() As %String [zenMethod]
   Set Data = $G(%session.Data("Param1"))
   Quit Data

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Hi Guys,

is there a Onmouseover event in TablePane?

I'm looking to show an image when the user hover with the mouse on a specific Cell in a tablepane, any Ideas?




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Healthcare interoperability is instrumental in improving patient care, decreasing healthcare provider costs, and providing a more accurate picture to providers. However, with so many different systems, data is formatted in many different ways. There are many standards that have been created to try to solve this problem, including HL7v2, HL7v3, and CDA but each one has its drawbacks.

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in order to do analysis on huge data volumes, it is better to take you data to a separate machine for analysis away from the operational machine, so trying to write huge globals or tables into files as is would take a huge space, what could be a solution or best practice ?..in python for instance, there is the pickling option (serializes data to byte string and saves it to a file) to save space, what could be best in object script ?

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I have an interoperability production that functions as a FHIR proxy. I have a need to add an HTTP Header value to the outbound request. I've subclassed HS.FHIRServer.Interop.HTTPOperation, but I cannot find a way to add an HTTP Header to the request. The HTTP class used in HS.FHIRServer.Interop.HTTPOperation is HS.FHIRServer.RestClient.HTTP. That RestClient class does not seem to expose or allow modification of the actual HttpRequest.

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Hi Community,

We're pleased to invite you to the online meetup with the winners of the InterSystems AI contest!

Date & Time: Friday, July 30, 2021 – 11:00 AM EDT

What awaits you at this Virtual Meetup? 

  • Our winners' bios.
  • Short demos on their applications.
  • An open discussion about technologies being used. Q&A. Plans for the next contests.

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