Today %SYS.Namespace.ListAll started to report one namespace, for example USER, two times: once as "USER" and once as USER's database "^^c:\databases\user".

Details: my Cache instance has 50+ local namespaces. Today I have "touched" 3 of them (imported new classes), and now ListAll reports each of these 3 twice. Looks like ListAll is the only one who sees those strange duplicates, in all other places (Portal, Studio) only USER is shown.

Can someone explain what is happening?

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I would like to write some code to parse a set of HTML pages from the internet in order to gather information from each web page.

All of the web pages are generated using a template, so the format of each of the web-pages is consistent with one-another and the information that I want to gather is always located in the same logical place within the page.

What is the best way to parse an html page in order to gather information at a specific place?

Can XML XPATH be used here? Does anyone have any examples of parsing HTML content?

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I am trying to transform an Enlib.EDI.XML.Document through aXLT I know how to trans form the xml document through a xlt stylesheet but been trying to get an Enlib.EDI.XML. Document from a procees by creating aoperation that will do the transformation of this to file if this can be done in a process all ideas welcome so far I have come to this and I keep getting an error

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Hi, Community!

Please find a new session recording from Global Summit 2017:

Catching Bad Guys with iFind and REST
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· Dec 13, 2017
Cyclic Redudancy Error


We are using Cache 5.0.15 version. We are facing error. I tried to copy the dat file, I am getting cyclic redudancy error.
I did run the integrity check and repair utility . Nothing works.
Now My question is how to recover the dat file with data.

Thanks in Advance!

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Hello Community,

I recently encountered a issue with Caché and I can't figure out where the problem is coming from.

I noticed that the license limit (200) was reached whenever I was opening my Studio (so it seems). When this occurs, I restart Caché (with the Cube in the Taskbar), and the number of license used is back to 1%, but grows back after. The time taken before the number of license grows back again looks pretty random.

Here is a couple of screenshots :

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Hello everyone. So as title says, I used to install Eclipse with Atelier plugin recently to work in instead of Cache Studio and spotted that all my JS-code on CSP page is colored green as you can see here:

I couldn't find how to make code-detection on CSP files like JS files. All I found is this element which controls code inside HTML tag <script></script>

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· Dec 7, 2017 3m read
Asynchronous REST

In this article I'd like to discuss asynchronous REST and approaches to implementing it.

Why do we need asynchronous REST? Simply put - answering the request takes too much time. While most requests usually can be satisfied immediately, some can't. The reasons are varied:

  • You need to perform time-consuming calculations
  • Performing action actually takes time (for example container creation)
  • etc.

The solution to these problems is asynchronous REST. Asynchronous REST works by separating request and real response. Here's an example, let's consider the following simple async REST broker:

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· Dec 10, 2017
Cache and Database

Hi, I'm a student, weak programming. I ask for your help, I write a program in C #, there are two tables, but I do not understand how to organize the connection between them many to many. Table in DataGridView1 from DataSet1 on Form1 key connection in DataGridView1 from DataSet1 to Form3

I do this on Form1

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Has anyone tried adding syntax highlighting to GitHub for Caché CLS files?

Looking at the list of supported languages and extensions...

It looks like Mumps is supported, and there is also an existing language with a .cls extension, which would account for why I see some very odd highlighting going on with some of my code.

There is a page on contributing a new language here...

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· Dec 10, 2017


I'm trying to use the IN operator in SQL.

does not work, can anyone tell me why that could be?

for example:

SELECT * FROM TafnitCore_Logistics_TransferPackage_DB.PackageData WHERE ID IN ('1||1||9852553062' , '1||1||9852553061' ) ORDER BY Building

And I get the following error:

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· Dec 9, 2017 1m read
Simple Game Code(21 sticks Game)
    w "Total No.Of Sticks:21"_!
    s sticks=21
    r "enter machine name: ",a
    r "enter dev name: ",b
    w "Display 1 to 21 sticks"_!
    s i=""
    f i=1:1:21{
        w " "_i_" "
    w !_"User select 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 sticks:"_!
    r "User enter sticks: ",us
    if us>4 {
        w "please select upto 4 Sticks"
        r "User enter sticks: ",us
    s cnt=sticks-us
    s sticks=cnt
    f i=1:1:sticks {
        w " "_i_" "
    s dev=1
    s machine=0
    d:sticks=0 lost(dev,machine)
    d machine(.sticks,us)
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I am trying to age based on a given date and current date here is my code:

Property DOB As %Date
Method GetAge() As %Integer
   if (..DOB="")
  set today=0 
  set today=$ZDate($HOROLOG,2)-$ZDate(..DOB)
  write "Today's==="_$ZDate($HOROLOG),!
  write today
  return today
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