· May 25, 2023
SAM not starting

i tried to install SAM 2.0.1. on a redhat 8 server.

i use docker for managing the containers.

I have followed the documentation for the installation and deployment of SAM step by step

when trying to start the SAM with the script i have an container that can't be created and the prompt not responding

must kill the process to stop .

Does anyone have an idea?

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What changes are to be made while customizing a FHIR server package when adding a new field. As provided in the documentation, we have a sample JSON package of favorite color and it is added in the table, but when we are adding a new field 'Insurance', it does not imports the package and says package already exists. We have three files of JSON

1) Package.JSON

2) SearchParameter.JSON

3) StructureDefination.JSON

What should we have to change for adding new field.

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I have a scenario where I recognize that I have a duplicate patient in FHIR , both have a different set of data attached to them (Specimens / Observations / Conditions) and I want to transfer all the data from patient X to patient Y, and maybe mark patient X as not relevant or delete it IDK yet.

since Patch currently supports only single patch,

"The Conditional Patch query identified more than one resource."

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Which process notify Web Gateway when to switch to secondary/mirror IRIS? I'm trying to debug a case when the web gateway doesn't know about primary IRIS failure and is trying to send request to that instance which is causing 500 error. Also, no clue why at the same time I see that GET request to /csp/bin/mirror_status.cxw will return 200 OK.

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Hello All,

I have the docker container community version (2023.1) if IRIS 4 Health installed and running, but it sees that in the HSLIB namespace I see that the HS package is empty. I downloaded this container from the intersystems container registry.

Is this supposed to be empty? How do i get it populated? Am I missing something?

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· Aug 18, 2023
GetEnviron() on CentOS

Why I'm not getting OS level environmental variable in the IRIS for below actions:

CentOS termial:

[root@]# export TEST="test"
[root@]# echo $TEST
[root@]# iris session MYIRIS

Node: myiris01, Instance: MYIRIS

Username: User
Password: ********
NSPACE>s test = $SYSTEM.Util.GetEnviron("TEST")

NSPACE>w test


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Hi Community,

Is there a way to call HL7 Data transformation directly from Business service without using Rule functionality in the production

In this scenario i need to call a data transformation in directly in business service and give the transformed message to Business operation

Please share if you have any ideas to implement this.


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· Jan 25
Task Manager

Hi Team,

I want to create a task in the task manager to manage the member details. so what i have done let me first brief you :-

1) Created a persistent class to store the custom csv details into a sql table.

2) created a business service to take the custom csv file from a inbound folder and use this class (EnsLib.RecordMap.Service.FileService) to use RecordMap.

First i have created CSV Wizard then RecordMap then DTL and map the fields with csv values.

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Hi Community,

I am attempting to create a new table by executing a SELECT statement that involves joining multiple tables. However, I encountered an error during execution: '( expected, AS found^Combined AS.' I would also like to create a cube based on this SQL table. However, during the cube creation process, I am prompted to specify a source class, and I'm unsure which class to use as it requires an existing class. Could you please help me identify the issue with the table creation, and provide guidance on selecting the appropriate source class for the cube creation?"

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Hello Community,.

I've updated the IRIS community form 2023.2 to 2023.3 and I didn't see the User defined(Sample) error messages in ^IRIS.Msg global even I verified in both pointer and data level. I re run the set x=##class(%MessageDictionary).Import("error.xml") After import I could see the pointers and data in ^IRIS.Msg

Is the User defined error will reset from the server after IRIS upgrade?

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Hi All,

I have ROUTINE for Get Data end of day. Routine Name is "getTicket.mac" . previously i execute at studio using this command to get data

w $$getTicket^production.etl.getTicket() and the result success as we want, in this case i want execute routine using BS ( Business Service ) and i want this routine execute every night at 12.00 AM

how to implement this condition.

Thanks For your help and time

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After running many tests to kick the tires calling Python from COS (which worked fine) in any directory, I encountered problems when trying to access Python libraries like Numpy from any OTHER namespace. I saw some other posts about this but the resolution seems unclear. When I run the test program method numpytest below in %SYS it works just fine. If i run the Python method in any other namespace I get:

PITT>do ##class(test.python).numpytest()
DO ##CLASS(test.python).numpytest()
<OBJECT DISPATCH> *python object not found

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Good morning,

first of all thank you for taking the time to read and answer this question.

Recently, since we have upgraded to HealtShare 2020, we experienced the fact that when opening in the Studio the Process (.bpl) and Transformation (.dtl) classes, it asks us to log in, i.e. username and password, almost every time we open a new Process or Transformation.

However, in previous versions, I think we had HealthShare 2016 or 2017 or 2018, and in it, you could log in from the Studio in Processes and Transformations, logging in 1 time only.

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