· Aug 28

Variable as a property value

When creating the db using the Properties array, if I use a literal like "/iris/db/<instance name>/<directoryname>" it's created in the correct directory.

       set Properties("Directory")="/iris/db/InstanceName/DirectoryName"

but when it's executed with a variable, as in the example below,  it gets created in /iris/sys/<instance name>/mgr/

      set directoryPath="/iris/db/InstanceName/DirectoryName"
      set Properties("Directory")=directoryPath

 Is there any reason string literals work and variables do not?

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If so why then pick default config rather than what is passed as a variable? Here is another case when it will fall back to the default one instead using what is set as a variable:

set Name=$SYSTEM.Util.GetEnviron("RESOURCE_DB_NAME")
set Path=$SYSTEM.Util.GetEnviron("RESOURCE_DB_PATH")
set Properties("Directory")=Path
set Status=##Class(Config.Databases).Create(Name,.Properties)