I am working on a project and I am facing a weird problem. I have created an MDX using Analyzer. This MDX executes very fast. I am trying to automate its execution with %DeepSee.ResultSet and the query never returns:

Set tSC = oMDX.%PrepareMDX(tMDX)

Set tSC = oMDX.%Execute()

What could be causing %Execute() to take so long to run while Analyzer is responding fast?

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When you are in a group looking at the postings

- search for a keyword that gets no results

- clear the search box to get back to the full list

- notice the "Create a New Post" button is gone from the upper-right

MacOS \ Chrome

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A client stated to me that they are trying to eliminate SMTP servers from their network and want all email to be sent through their Microsoft Exchange Server.  Admittedly I am not very knowledgable of the workings of Exchange Server.

Are there customers sending email notifications through Exchange Server?  How is this accomplished?  Does Exchange Server act as a SMTP server allowing use of the Email adapter or is there some other mechanism that must be used to communicate with a Microsoft Exchange Server?

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Someone sent me a friend request, I clicked on the link in the email and was presented with a screen that said 'access denied' which was very unfriendly and unhelpful. Of course it was because I was not logged in but rather than 'access denied' why not redirect to the login page so I can login and so accept the friend request?

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If people are going to  use the web interface, they need to be able to quickly find new content or material they are looking for.  

Right now it appears as though the only sort is based on the last comment.  But if there are threads that a user is not interested in, you have to sift through those again and again lookinf for new threads.

Please make it easier to filter and sort a forum so that information is easier for people to browse.

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Joe Gallant · Dec 10, 2015
Welcome to the DeepSee Group

Welcome to the DeepSee Group.

The Developer Communty has a lot of DeepSee content including all the DeepSee documentation and over 50 videos.

Please use the Developer Community to asks questions, share your experience, and learn more about DeepSee.

I look forward to your participaton in the DeepSee Group of the InterSystems Developer Community.

Joe Gallant

Senior Product Manager

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David Reche · Dec 2, 2015
Formatting the post

There is any mean to use different fonts? For example "Courier New" for code text, or different colors? To work only with HTML is too hard

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I tried to rate a post (clicking on the 5th star) and it didn't seem to have any impact (there is no visual feedback and when I move the mouse away the stars are all still unlit).  I am trying in Chrome - is this a general issue or just something that is not working for me? 

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It will be good if outside links in posts can open in new browser window, so you don't leave community page when you click on link. My second comment is if user doesn't upload his profile picture maybe you should use some default picture. Currently it looks like broken picture link.

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I am working on an Ensemble demonstration that involves workflow.  Over the course of testing I have cleared out the Ensemble message store several times.  This has left several workflow tasks that no longer can be assigned, accepted or rejected.

How do I clear the Workflow Tasklist which is found by going to Ensemble -> Manage -> Workflow -> Workflow Tasks in the Ensemble Management Portal?

Thanks in advance


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Jon Jensen · Nov 9, 2015
Subscribing to posts?

How do I subscribe to a post?  I would like to get email notifications when a comment is made on a post. 

Not only posts that I created, but also posts from others that I am lurking on (have not commented on )

is this possible?


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Measure functions work with measures defined in a DeepSee cube. In addition to the aggregation functions (SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX and COUNT) there are several others to perform additional calculations.

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The row expression defines what dimensions and measures appear on the rows of your pivot table as well as how they appear. Sets and CROSSJOINs are used.

InterSystems IRIS Analytics (DeepSee) InterSystems IRIS Analytics (DeepSee)MDX
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Dimensions are used for the columns and rows of an analytical pivot table in DeepSee. Defined as part of the cube definition, they can be based on class properties or custom code. The are organized into hierarchies withe levels.

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Chip Gore · Nov 11, 2015
Linux provider change question

Hi -

If you have Cache installed on a Cent OS machine, and you want to switch the OS to Red Hat 7, and your Caché is installed on a non-OS drive, do you need to reinstall Caché?

I don't think so, but I wanted to check

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Chip Gore · Nov 10, 2015
Dashboard Branding...

Hello DeepSee'ers -

How hard is it to brand a dashboard to a login?

The situation is, I have a Partner that is looking to create common Dashboards in a SaaS model where the Partner's Clients would want to have their individual views of this common dashbaord be branded (logos, color, styles, etc.) to match the Client's branding. This my Partner's Client's End Users will see this common dashboard as the dashboard from the "Client" and not the "Partner" (and certainly not ISC branding)

ie.  ISC -> Partner -> Client -> End User

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Kenneth Poindexter · Nov 9, 2015
Adding content-

It seems pretty easy to add a post to a group or something like that.  But lets take Code Packages for example.   How do I go about submitting a code example to be posted under that area?


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Brendan Bannon · Nov 9, 2015 1m read
Cache SQL Storage Mapping

The attached zip file contains a bunch of examples of Cache SQL Storage mappings that I have done over the years.

If you have existing globals and want to expose them via Objects or SQL you need to setup Cache SQL Storage mapping.  If you do not see an example that helps with your case send me an example and I can help you out.

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Daniel Kutac · Nov 9, 2015 3m read
Tipy a Triky s Caché

Tip dvacátý šestý: objekty a concurrency 2 - swizzling

Když tento seriál před několika lety začínal, byl jeho první díl věnován zajištění izolace instance objektů pro exkluzivní přístup a popisu příslušných API funkcí. Nedávno se mi ale stalo, že mě tento díl dostihl. Jeden ze zákazníků začal mít problémy v aplikaci, přestože důsledně používal exkluzivní zámky pro editování instancí svých objektů.

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