Padmini D · Nov 6, 2020

Unable to find Intersystems Cache` software

Hi All,

I am new to InterSystems Cache and want to explore the database features for one of the use cases we have.

I am trying to find the community version of it from  in but only found InterSystems IRIS and Intersystems IRIS health community versions.

Please help me to download and install this.



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Hello Dimitry/Team, 

can you please let me know the difference of Intersystems cache DB and intersystems IRIS, we are evaluating it in our POC to implement as a application solution. 

IRIS is a kind of replacement for Caché, which now no active development. So, while you are evaluating it, you should not look for Caché, and switch to IRIS.

Hi Dmitriy/Team, 

what is the difference between Intersystems Cache DB and Intersystems IRIS ? I am looking for Cache DB installation details, but getting IRIS only everywhere. 



Very generally speaking: There is nothing in Caché that you can't do with IRIS.

The only thing you might miss eventually, are some ancient compatibility hooks back to the previous millennium. wink