Florian Hansmann · Nov 10, 2020

.csp API Session Management

Hey Intersystems Community,

I have a Problem with the Session Handling in .csp.

I wrote all my Web Services in .csp-Pages and do the work for example in the OnPreHttp Method for to get some data.

After that the Web Service response is in JSON.

I call These Web Services via fetch in my react Single Page application, also Many request parallel. The react App is Rolled out as index.html.
Everything Works Fine with the session Handling via Cookie.

But when the Session is invalid After some time for example Timeout or I Delete the cookie (Session) and Then change the page After That Time I make Some request parallel, Maybe 3 times at Same Time (different Web services (article.csp, prices.csp,news.csp) it Takes also 3 licenses, because of invalid Session?

Whats the best way to fix That?

My Cache Version 2013.1 and cant still update now.

Best regards,


Florian Hansmann


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According to your description you most probably experience this:

Documented here

the doc is for IRIS but it is in place since Caché 2010 or before

found for  2013.1  Sessions and Licenses
more verbose

Hey Robert,

thanks for the answer, but i dont think it resolve my Problem.What Happens After That 10 Minute Periode when I make 3 parallel calls with the Invalid Session? 

Maybe the User is 2 Hours away (in This time the Session Timed out and also the Grace Time) Then the User cames back change the Page where are called 3 parallel request to csp. I think it will take 3 licenses.