Hello All,

I have a question / issue regarding the calling list.FindOref(<object from indexOpen call>)
Here is a simple way to reproduce the issue: 
2 classes: Utility.contacttypes and Utility.person

Class Utility.contacttypes Extends %Persistent
Property description As %Library.String(TRUNCATE = 1);
/// Index for property description
Index descriptionIndex On description [ Unique ];


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I would like to know if there is any code to compare and update two directories/namespaces for class files.
If file is present in directory1 and not present in diectory2, it should import the classfile.
If file is not present in directory1 and it is present in directory2, the corresponding file should be deleted from  directory2.

Please suggest code for the task.

Arpitha R

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Something that shot up the popularity stakes last week was this article on a very interesting initiative: RealWorld:


I decided it would be a good idea to use this as a way of creating an exemplar implementation of a RESTful back-end using QEWD against their published API (https://github.com/gothinkster/realworld/tree/master/api)

The results are here:

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Hi Community,


I'm just editing a class in Atelier. I have added below code into the class.

Set tStream=##class(%Stream.GlobalCharacter).%New()

When I type tStream. , It's not automatically suggesting properties of that object instance in Atelier. If I click "Ctrl+Space", It says "No completions available". 

Is this functionality not available in Atelier yet Or Should I make some configuration changes in Atelier to make it available?

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I'd like to have production specific settings for different environments (OTAP). I have set the system default settings on my production to override the default settings. However, this does not seem to work. It is my understanding that the system default settings override the settings I have set on the production (I thought I heard my Sales Engineer say this). However, reading the documentation I am not sure of this reading either. However, when I clear the values for the adapters on my production my system default settings are still not apply.

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Rubens Silva · May 9, 2017
Atelier: GetDocs bug?


I'm trying to do some experiments using the Atelier REST API, but I noticed a bug that I simply can't bypass.

When requesting the Atelier server asking for an array of docs, it seems to fail when using it with multiple formats.
Like: [ "RCWWW015.int", "Class.cls" ]

While this method does return the class's source code, it fails when fetching the routine.
Like this:

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What is a correct way to pass parameters to the  %CONTAINS in embedded SQL statement when searching thru %Text property?

s sp="child,health"





is not the same as executing the following in the SQL Manager

SELECT ID FROM ICD WHERE Name %CONTAINS ('child','health')

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Hi ,

From the below code, we are able to import the class file to the namespace ( specified path is C:\temp\distr ) 

I have a class file and a folder in the above specified path. When i run the code, it is importing only the class file but not the class files present in folder. 

I would like to know is there any code to import the class files present in folder as well. 

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Hi All -

Our environment has multiple instances of HealthShare installed and most are on separate VMs/servers. Does anyone have any ideas on how to efficiently manage user accounts across all of these multiple instances of HealthShare? As you can imagine, creating 10 separate Cache accounts on each instance during onboarding of new associates is cumbersome and tedious as is disabling them. We have yet to integrate with AD but we do have a Cyberark initiative under way but it is in the very early stages.

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I am interested in working with a third-party API in my instance of the Community Portal.  I was curious as to how you all work with third-party apis.  Do you typically connect directly from within a ZEN Mojo Page or do you route the request through an operation in the management portal?  Are there any sort of best practices I should be aware of?




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I am using a method: %OverrideGuidAssignment("NEW GUID HERE") to override my GUID, and would like to know if there are any parameters, which allow this method to return a status & or error msg?
If you currently set it to a variable it returns the new GUID you originally passed in, regardless of if it failed to override or not.

Thank you in advance

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Suppose I have an image and need to convert that image into a PDF for inclusion in an HL7.

I know that Zen Reports can display an image in a PDF but I do not want to view the image in a web page. I just need to convert the image to PDF in a Process and then include that PDF in an HL7. The  workflow would be like this:

Get image -> Convert image into PDF -> Include PDF in HL7 OBX.

I know how to do the last part to include PDF in HL7 OBX. Just need ideas on the first part.

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Murali krishnan · May 8, 2017
Fetch files from GitHub

let know the source code to fetch files from git hub repository..while running the attached file we are getting error.
ERROR #5001: Repository doesn't exist OR you don't have accesscoming1 1

Please help us to resolve the error.

Please find the code used :

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In our last lesson, we added some formatting and validation to our Edit Widget form.  So, now we are ready to add the ability to add new Widgets to our application.  However, the great Widget Wars have come to an abrupt end, as Widget Direct has purchased its biggest competitor, WorldWideWidgets.  In order to maintain some continuity, we need to display their catalog on our new application.

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I have a CSP page that needs to allow the user to submit a file.  I have a form with an element in it <input type="file" name="file"/> which allows the user to select the file they want to upload from their local filesystem.  

How do I go about actually getting the file to be sent to the server?

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I have an Ensemble Application with many classes and relationships between those classes.

I need a tool that can connect to Cache/Ensemble and create a visual ERD from the class definitions within a particular Cache Namespace

MS-Access is one option but it does not automatically create the relationship connectors between classes

Any suggestions

Nigel Salm

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Hi, Community!

Please meet  a new Developer Community UI release with new features and some bugfixes.

With this release we changed a color scheme to meet corporate colors more. 

We introduced browser notifications not to miss new posts on Developer Community. They would pop up only if you turn them on and only if you don't see the Community at the moment. 

Also we introduced the special inverse color for accepted answers. Like here:

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