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How to work with InterSystems IRIS from DataGrip

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To work with InterSystems IRIS from DataGrip you'll need to add InterSystems JDBC driver first (once per DataGrip) and after that add all your InterSystems IRIS connections.

Part 1: Add InterSystems IRIS JDBC Driver

1. Go To File → DataSources

2. Go to + → Driver


3. Set Driver properties:

  • Name: InterSystems IRIS
  • Class: com.intersystems.jdbc.IRISDriver
  • Add JDBC Driver file: path to /<IRIS>/dev/java/lib/JDK18/intersystems-jdbc-3.2.0.jar (version can change, also if you don't have InterSystems IRIS installed, you can download the drivers here)
  • Add URL Template: Basic jdbc:IRIS://{host}[:{port}]/{database} (you can add additional parameters as described here)

4. Click OK to save the driver definition.


Part 2: Add InterSystems IRIS Instance

1. In the same DataSources window go to +→InterSystems IRIS

2. Specify connection settings depending on your instance and click Test Connection. You'll see an error or connection successful.

It it's a new local installation the defaults likely are:

  • Host: localhost
  • Port: 1972
  • User: _SYSTEM
  • Password: SYS
  • Database: USER

3. Click OK to save.


That's it! Now you can query and explore InterSystems IRIS through Datagrip.

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