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Hi All
This is the index to a series of articles I hope to create over the coming months.

ZEN and ZEN Mojo are no longer being actively developed by Intesystems - this is a great shame as it is a fine product that works so well for business applications.
However ZEN is a 15 year old product and I need a path forward to replace the ZEN UI with a supported development framework.

This article is an index of the other articles I have, or plan to write. - the articles will be subject to change as I develop my thoughts and climb the learning curve.


I know Caché well having used it for around 35 years, however it is a large product with many features that I don't know and/or use. 
And no one in this world is omniscient  smiley
I may mistakes or miss a better way of doing things

-so please, comments are welcome!


I guess you did this intentionally to challenge your readers wink

I may may mistakes or miss a better way of doing things

I highly appreciate your series of articles.


No not intentional!

Everybody is good at some things and poor at others - and one thing I just *know* I am poor at is proof reading - I see what should be there rather than what actually *is* there



I have the same problem. (and some more others). It's good not to feel alone. smiley


@Peter Cooper 

Thanks again for sharing the start of your journey with the Community.  I am curious if you are planning to provide another Update Article?  I would love to hear about how your journey has progressed over the past year and what you have learned along the way which could help others!