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Hi Marc,

Thanks for the feedback. Would that have the same effect as the following - which I have already tested?

do ..HttpClient.%HttpRequest.SetHeader("x-api-key", ApiKeyToUse)

When I attempt this I get "ObjectScript error: PRIVATE PROPERTY" because within HS.FHIRServer.RestClient.HTTP the HttpRequest object is defined as:

Property %HttpRequest As %Net.HttpRequest [ Private ];

Ha! I accidentally accepted my initial response instead of Francois's. Thanks for pointing that out!

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for your thorough response. Even though adding the trailing slash to the BaseURL in fact worked, I also attempted your suggestion of changing the $.entry.request.url from "Patient" to "/Patient" - but that did not work.

I learned a lot from your response, though, and it is much appreciated!

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