Hello all, I have a question about constucting thousands of clones, and scope.

In my code, I'm looping through a database, say 200k+ objects, and creating a clone of each object (we need to evaluate a modified clone of the object, but not account for what's on disk).  

I see this a lot in the documentation:

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Hello; we are scanning 835 files, and need to validate segment types (such as ISA, ST, IEA, etc.)  before we give the file the "OK".  I see segment types in the management portal under Ensemble / Interoperate / ASC X12 / ASC X12 Schema Structures.  Are these segment types stored in an IS table anywhere?


Aside from EnsLib_EDI_X12.Document, are there any other tables that describe, or support, document segment types?




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Hello community,

I recently added a change to our copy of zenutils.js, and while moving it up to production, I found  different versions of zenutils.js.  I edited a copy stored in the default directory for our web application  (e.g. c:\intersystems\DEV\CSP\{application}) but the file on production is stored in {install dir}\CSP\broker.


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Hello community!


I have a question about the %OnSave method of a class.  We have a class that  has two properties that are classes. 

Class A

Class B

Class C

Class A.PropertyB as Class B

ClassA.PropertyC as Class C


Classes B and C also need to point back to Class A - it's just the way it is.  We need to be able to use any one of these classes and get to the others (it's actually even more complicated than this, as Classes B and C also have a PropertyC and PropertyB as well, respectively) :

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Hello Community,

We have two live servers running DeepSee dashboards for users.  One of the servers can print a widget to a pdf file, and the other can't.  

I learned that 1) a Java JRE needed to be installed on the second server, and 2) it's trying to run an OS command to render a pdf file (details below).

An audit log of the event shows this:

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On one of our servers, when I am in Mgmt Portal and click the link for Configure / CSP Gateway Management, I get this url:


but the page displays a 0, and nothing else. Literally, just a 0.  This link works on our other servers, with the same URL.  Any idea why? 




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Our development server is set up to automatically keep the .INT code of compiled classes and routines, but the live servers are set to not keep the .INT code.

I know how to set the system to keep this code ($SYSTEM.OBJ.SetQualifiers() ?)  but what are the ramifications of keeping this code on the live servers?  Is it just a space issue?  I always thought it was to keep the code more private.

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I'm running this code in our application, and in the terminal:

>set query="SELECT * FROM PMG_Data_Private.RemitInstance  WHERE  (VoucherNumber %INLIST ? SIZE ((10)))"

>set tRS = ##class(%ResultSet).%New("%DynamicQuery:SQL")

>set ok=tRS.Prepare(query)

>d $system.Status.DisplayError(ok)
ERROR #5540: SQLCODE: -76 Message: Cardinality mismatch between the SELECT-list and INTO-list
SQLTEXT: SELECT * FROM PMG_Data_Private.RemitInstance  WHERE  (VoucherNumber %INLIST ? SIZE ((10)))

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I have a class that has a property calledTags (like DescriptiveWords, but tags), where multiple tags are possible.  I am trying to decide on list of Objects vs. array of Objects.

Based on this post: https://community.intersystems.com/post/querying-list-property-sql, sounds like using an array of Objects is the better way to go. Indeed, I already noticed that it's not possible to have duplicates when using an array of Objects.

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