Laura Cavanaugh · Aug 10, 2017

autoExecute="false" is ignored; OnCreateResultSet and OnExecuteResultSet still run on page load

I have a <tablePane> element with OnCreateResultSet and OnExecuteResultSet methods; autoExecute is "false" but the OnCreateResultSet and OnExecuteResultSet methods are nevertheless called on page load.

I want the user to be able to press a button to submit the parameters, then have this button call tablePane.executeQuery() to execute the query.

autoExecute is simply igonored.  We're on 2014.1.3 with plans to upgrade to 2016 soon.

Are there more settings I need to set? Or is this attribute simply ignored?

<tablePane id="tblReport" useSnapshot="true" autoExecute="false"
OnCreateResultSet="CreateRS" OnExecuteResultSet="ExecuteRS"
cellSpacing="8" showZebra="true"  showRowSelector="false" >



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The snapshot mode refresh automatically the table 

I did not know that - but I tried taking it out, but my test global is still populated with method calls to OnCreateResultSet and OnExecuteResultSet methods.  The table itself if hidden at first.  In fact, there are multiple tablesPanes, and they are all getting called upon page load, even though the tablePane group is hidden.  

I'm going to play around with pInfo.QueryExecuted; and there's a runflag set up, which I can see why it was set up now.


Please try 


Yan, that sounds promising.  I'll check, and let you know. Thanks!

Yan, yes, this looks like it's working.  The OnCreateResultSet method is called, but not the OnExecuteResultSet.  Thanks!