Laura Cavanaugh · Apr 4, 2019

CSP Gateway Management via Managment Portal link returns a page with a '0' and nothing else

On one of our servers, when I am in Mgmt Portal and click the link for Configure / CSP Gateway Management, I get this url:


but the page displays a 0, and nothing else. Literally, just a 0.  This link works on our other servers, with the same URL.  Any idea why? 




1 0 4 148
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Check parameter SM_Forms in the file CSP.ini. Should be

Wow.  That very well could be the cause - SM_FORMS is enabled on another server (a few other differences, but none that seem pertinent).  Is this something I can change on a production server without disrupting users?  They should be going through the IIS ... 

This setting does not affect users experience.
Before enabling, make sure you have Username/Password and/or System_Manager set, otherwise any user will be able to manage your CSP gateway.
Everything is described in detail in the link I mentioned above, so I can hardly add anything more than that.

Understood.  I've gone through this configuration before, and set up username/password, and other security.  I don't know why this appears to have been reset for this instance.  But the SM_FORMS setting worked - thanks.