Laura Cavanaugh · Feb 2

HealthShare: Feeding Data to HSHI but de-prioritizing demographic data for certain Facility

I have an SDA feed from an Edge server that eventually is fed into HSHI / Analytics. This edge server is loading up patient demographics (in the Patient object), which feeds the HSAA.Patient table in HSHI / Analytics.  

However, we have other edge servers also feeding into the same HSHI database, and these other edge servers have better demographic information.  

HSHI appears to use the most recent demographic information from all edges.  What's the best way to de-prioritize patient demographic information from this particular edge (or this particular Facility) when feeding it into HSHI?


I'm thinking of a few options:

1. Use the Address.FromTime and .ToTime set to dates in the past to make this Address information "older" that other address info from other edges and Facilities.

2. Add an extension property to the ADdress - Patient.Address.Extension.Type = "FLAG" so that we can filter out an address when querying Analytics


I've heard that other custom code in HSHIFEEDER is frowned upon.

Has anyone done this before?



Product version: HealthShare 2019.1
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Note: we already set the <trustedTier> of the Facility in question to a large number (so, lower priority) so that the Composite information uses other data from other Facilities, instead of this Facility.  This affects the composite record in HSPI.

I assume HSHI /Analytics is not tied to this?

We also set the HS.Facility.Config Tier property as well, in HSREGISTRY, to a large number.  Would this affect how information from different edges is rated when getting fed into HSHI?  Is this an acceptable use of this property?