· Nov 26, 2019

recent version of zenutils.js

Hello community,

I recently added a change to our copy of zenutils.js, and while moving it up to production, I found  different versions of zenutils.js.  I edited a copy stored in the default directory for our web application  (e.g. c:\intersystems\DEV\CSP\{application}) but the file on production is stored in {install dir}\CSP\broker.


Where should this file live, and if it lives in the default dir for our web application, is that location used before CSP\broker?  We have way too many copies of this file, and the copy that I edited was out of sync with the version on production.  I'd like to put it in just the one place, so that it's updated as needed.


In case you're wondering, I added this:

function zenParseDate(value,hasTime,format,sep)
    // ''/null
    if (null == value || '' == value) return '';
    // 10/30/2019 RHS/LLC T1471
    if (value == 'Invalid Date' || value == -1) return -1;



In the date control, a value of 'abcdefg' could return valid date value of 01/01/2019 even while displaying 'Invalid Date'.  -- of course, I wasn't working on the latest version of the file, so it might have been fixed already.  Hence, the question about where it should live.



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