I am looking for a general overview of how you would attach a document to a patient record in healthshare.  For instance, an Advance Directive or Living Will.


Here are some starter questions:

  1. What format is required, if any?  Can it be a PDF or DOC?
  2. How can/should it be submitted?  HL7? XDS.b?  Embedded in a CCD?

Sorry for the open endedness.  Any info would be helpful while I research this.

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I've asked a lot of questions leading up to this, so I wanted to share some of my progress.

The blue line represents the number of messages processed.  The background color represents the average response time.  You can see ticks for each hour (and bigger ticks for each day).   Hovering over any point in the graph will show you the numbers for that period in time.

This is super useful for "at a glance" performance monitoring as well as establishing patterns in our utilization.

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This tells me that there is no timezone offset on this table/field:

Select TOP 1 GETDATE() as Now, TimeCreated FROM ens.messageheader ORDER BY TimeCreated DESC;
Now                 TimeCreated         
------------------- ------------------- 
2016-10-18 16:16:49 2016-10-18 16:16:31 


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I know this has been requested before, but it's really annoying, especially in the Developer Community.

Here is my typical workflow:


1. Click "Developer Community" forum

2. Click "Post question".

3. Select "Developer Community" in Group dropdown.

4. Select "Developer Community" in Related Topic dropdown.


Yes, 3 out of 4 steps to post a new question here require me to select the same thing.  It's frustrating.  Here I go again!

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I know this has been suggested before but I wanted to bring it up again.

It would be very nice if we could "accept" an answer to our questions which would result in the question showing "answered" in the index and possibly move the "accepted answer" to the top of the answer chain.

see: Stack Overflow or any other QA site

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